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Luxury atmosphere pure handmade lighting brand Antonio ciulli e Figlio

in 1902, Antonio ciulli& Figlio was founded in Florence in the form of a manual workshop. After more than a century of development and evolution, Antonio ciulli& Figlio lamps and lanterns continue to expand and become a well-known furniture brand at home and abroad. Meanwhile, Antonio ciulli& Figlio lamps still maintain the professional level of Florence handicrafts

so far, Antonio ciulli& Figlio lamps has developed two brands. Ciulli1902 brand focuses on lighting equipment and furniture accessories. Calydia brand focuses on bathroom supporting facilities. We promise to provide customers with high-quality classical style interior furnishings

for more than a century, our products have been able to adapt to the changes of market trends and continue to innovate. Our products are made in Italy and comply with Italian domestic, European CE and Russian GOST-R standards

ciulli's products can be customized or made according to the customer's design, and strive to meet the requirements of every customer

enterprise history

1902, Antonio ciulli& Figlio lamps and lanterns brand was born in Florence, the center of handicraft, and named after the founder Antonio ciulli

since then, three generations of leaders have made great efforts in trade, and their exquisite skills have been constantly honed in daily work. Finally, artistic creation and invention have been reflected

in the early stage of production, the factory mainly produces small and medium-sized products, and provides table decorations such as copper products, jewelry, small gifts, etc

from the 1940s to the 1950s, props were made for many historical films, such as Barabba, war and peace, El Cid's heroes of all ages, until the 1990s

in the 1960s and 1970s, when the economy was booming, the requirements for furniture and lighting equipment were constantly improving, and the accessories of these products have also become an important part of the company's product series

In the 1980s, ciulli continued to consolidate its dominant position in the Italian market. Until the 1990s, ciulli had become a powerful international company and established its main international markets in the Middle East and Europe

in 2000, the company consolidated its position in the international high-end market by making a large number of new products through innovation and undertaking major public and personal projects. In 2002, the company held a celebration of its 100th anniversary and proved to the world the brilliant achievements of enterprises that have operated for more than a century

if there is no light in the world, no matter how good the decorative effect is. Lighting - the eyes of home. If there is no lamp in a family, it is like a person without eyes. A family without eyes can only live in the dark, so the position of lamp in the family is crucial





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