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All along, the cost performance of door and window products is the most favored aspect of consumers. Of course, the improvement of material and cultural life makes consumers particularly interested in the soft power of door and window franchisees' brands and services, but as an indispensable product in people's general home decoration, consumers still hope to realize their operational value to the greatest extent. In this situation, it is more important for door and window franchisees to face up to the cost performance of products

high price promotion has become a common means for enterprises to measure the momentum at the end of the year

it is the end of the year, and many door and window franchisees are at the side of the preparations for the momentum at the end of the year. For most enterprises, the end of the year is the best opportunity to win the market. However, the quality and price of products in the promotion are misleading, which leads to questions: do you know whether the products are cheap or whether the quality of products is guaranteed? That is to say, consumers have doubts about the cost performance of promotional products

once, what franchisees of doors and windows had to do was to make the products bought by consumers worth their money, but now it is not enough just to do this. In short, if door and window franchisees want to achieve better growth, it is far from enough to rely on high-priced products. In this scenario, they must focus on long-term benefits and provide consumers with high-cost door and window products from "value for money" to "value for money"




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