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Jia Lu, an interior designer, is familiar with various types and styles of projects, which further sharpens her vision of life. Every detail reveals that a designer who understands life should be picky

Jia Lu

chief designer of landscape decoration Group

graduated from the school of art, Anhui University of architecture and technology, majoring in environmental art design

Advanced Seminar on art design, Tongji University, Shanghai

the real desired living space should be well carved. In the view of interior designer Jia Lu, excellent designers can not only realize the space that customers want, but also give customers unimaginable results with their own professionalism and taste. Only when designers have a higher pursuit of life, can they bring the improvement of life value to residents

years of design experience has made Jia Lu familiar with various types and styles of projects, and sharpened her vision of life. Her design, just like the impression she gives, is intellectual, exquisite and temperament. Every detail reveals the pickiness that a designer who understands life should have

Bo Yue · Luzhou mansion

145 ㎡ modern simple style residence

this case is a residential project located in Luyang District, Hefei. The owner likes a modern, simple and atmospheric living environment. Therefore, in the overall idea, the designer uses the consistent linear modeling of modern style, and combines the control of color, material, and light and shadow to create a personal home space with fashionable characteristics

modern simple space has certain restrictions on the play of decoration, so designers need to make full use of decorative elements to render the style of the environment. In this case, the designer used white and grey coffee as the fashion keynote of the space, used a large area of wood decorative panels as wall decoration, and with the help of the light sense of cabinet lights and non main lights, broke the dull and rigid objective image of wood decorative panels

the configuration with high integration and the open restaurant pattern make the environment cleaner and simpler. The beautiful luster of the ground just emphasizes the delicate and rich changes of lighting. The originally monotonous color splicing can fully deduce the beauty of full layers here

on the one hand, it is a concise pace of life, on the other hand, it is emotional and sense of life, lively and leisure, open and private. The methods to deal with these contradictions are reflected in the pattern planning of the whole space. The living room, dining room and kitchen adopt a direct and coherent open pattern, which not only makes the space more spacious and transparent, but also shortens the switching distance between different living environments. The bedroom on the aisle side creates a stronger sense of privacy by virtue of the partition of the wall cabinet

the furniture and soft decoration in this case were carefully selected by the designer, which continued the flat, geometric and linear characteristics of the space as a whole, further highlighted the fashion sense of the space, and enriched the color level of the space with low saturation color elements, making the living room more warm

simplicity does not mean no pursuit. There is no unnecessary decoration, but it reveals refinement and taste everywhere. The modern space created by designer Jia Lu just shows us the beauty of life that permeates the design into every detail





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