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Blue is a kind of imaginative color. The room with black and white is very modern and is the first choice of some fashionable people. Pink is easy to make people feel irritable when used in large quantities... What color is your favorite in home decoration

1. Don't decorate the restaurant with blue

blue is a daydream color. Traditional blue is often the embodiment of tropical style in modern decorative design. Blue also has the function of regulating nerves and calming nerves. Blue is fresh and elegant, and it is also very pleasing to the eye to match with all kinds of fruits, but it is not suitable for use in restaurants or kitchens. The food on the blue table or mat is always not as appetizing as the warm environment; At the same time, do not install incandescent lights or blue mood lights in restaurants. Scientific experiments have proved that blue lights will make food look unattractive. But as a bathroom decoration, it can strengthen the sense of mystery and privacy

2. The black-and-white matching room is very modern and is the first choice of some fashionable people. But it is too fancy to use black and white in the room. In this environment for a long time, people will be dazzled, nervous, irritable and at a loss. It is best to use white as the main color and other colors as decorations in some parts, so that the space becomes bright and comfortable, and has both taste and interest at the same time

3. Purple will give space a sense of depression

purple, which seems to be calm, fragile and slender, and always gives people infinite romantic associations. People who pursue fashion most admire purple. However, a large area of purple will darken the overall tone of the space, resulting in a sense of depression. It is suggested not to put it in the room that needs a cheerful atmosphere or in the children's room, which will make people who are in it feel helpless. If you really like it, you can use part of it as a decorative highlight when decorating the room, such as a corner of the bedroom, curtains in the bathroom and other small places

4. Pink will bring people irritable mood

pink, a lot of use is easy to make people irritable. Some newlyweds like to use pink to create romance in order to adjust the atmosphere of their new house. However, the thick pink will keep people in a state of excitement. After a period of time, people living in it will have inexplicable anger, easy to quarrel, and cause irritability. It is suggested that pink should be used as an ornament in the room, or the concentration of the color should be diluted. A light pink wall or wallpaper can make the room warm

5. Red cannot be the main color of space for a long time

Chinese people believe that red is an auspicious color. Since ancient times, newly married wedding rooms have been full of red eyes. Red also has a passionate and unrestrained meaning, full of burning power. But too much red in the room will overburden the eyes and produce a feeling of dizziness. Even if you are newly married, you can't keep the room under the main tone of red for a long time

it is recommended to choose red for soft decoration, such as curtains, bedding, handbags, etc., and use light beige or fresh white to make people feel refreshed and highlight the red festive atmosphere

6. Don't decorate the room with a single gold

gold shines brightly, showing a bold and flamboyant personality. Under the simple white background, the vision will be very clean. But gold is one of the most easily reflected colors. The glittering environment is the most harmful to people's vision, which is easy to make people's nerves highly nervous and not easy to relax

it is suggested to avoid using a single gold decorative room in a large area, which can be used as the decorative color on wallpapers and soft curtains; On the wall of the bathroom, you can use gold mosaic with cool white or stainless steel. In order to make the living environment more friendly, you might as well put some small green potted plants in the corner to make the room full of interest




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