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In recent years, after the white hot development stage, the occupation of doors and windows has gradually tended to be flat, and e-commerce, as a new form of sales, has gradually been favored by an increasing number of door and window manufacturers. However, in the back of prosperity, there are also many questions about door and window manufacturers' e-commerce. In this regard, it is necessary for door and window manufacturers to improve the handling system to carry out e-commerce

e-commerce has infinite potential, but there are many questions about online shopping for doors and windows

from the major news and inquiries after the double 11, in addition to the wrong version of goods, false sales, ticket swiping and other questions, the probability of delivery delay is the highest by roast. On the back of these constipation scenes, logistics doubt has also become the biggest constraint. Concentrated costs and a lot of parcels make logistics a big problem of the "double 11". As for the door and window industry, the goods are heavy and the freight is high in the transportation process, which reduces the quotation of goods and is not more cost-effective than ordering directly in physical stores. In addition, another big question about the logistics of doors and windows is that the goods are likely to be damaged. What is damaged is not only the appearance of the goods, but also the installation of doors and windows

the development of e-commerce for doors and windows needs to improve the management system

although online shopping is carried out in line with the times, there are still defects in the way of e-commerce for door and window goods. Therefore, as long as the door and window manufacturers gradually improve the management system, the e-commerce road can achieve a more ambitious role

door and window profession is a seemingly simple but actually miscellaneous profession. Each manufacturer has its own set of development forms, which is the core feature of the manufacturer. It is the systematization of all production processes, quality control processes, logistics service systems, financial systems, material control systems, acquisition systems, etc. of the manufacturer. No matter how expensive the machine is, it is not as good as the production management system suitable for the situation of its own manufacturer, which is why there are often failures when buying high-priced equipment to cross the border to the door and window profession to prepare for a big show

the improvement of the production management system and equipment of the door and window manufacturers, and the connection of the front and rear ends of the internal management system are the performance of strength, both for manufacturers and consumers. In addition to opening up shopping malls, they can also bring more transaction volume. In all the "fast" e-commerce channels, the promotion will have a greater impact, but in the development of door and window manufacturers, we can't blindly seek speed and ignore logistics and after-sales service. As long as it is convenient to place orders, deliver goods quickly and enjoy goods happily, it is the best feeling of door and window e-commerce




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