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Signed a decoration contract of 77000 yuan and paid a deposit of 3000 yuan. I couldn't even see the decoration budget statement and design and construction drawings; Preparing for the decoration construction, he asked for an increase of 6000 yuan on the way. Yesterday, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Hanyang Qili Temple harmonious home in Hanyang, complained to Changjiang Daily about his troubles. The reporter's investigation found that home decoration companies have launched various preferential and profit sharing activities, and then charged off-site fees step by step, which is almost an implicit rule. Consumers who find that there are deceptive or overlord clauses can negotiate a refund through the industrial and commercial department. Complainant: I paid a deposit of 3000 yuan. Why can't I see the decoration details? According to Mr. Zhang, on May 26, he signed a full package decoration contract at Mingxing decoration company located on the fifth floor of Zhuyeshan shopping mall of Red Star Macalline. The total contract amount was 77000 yuan only, and paid a deposit of 3000 yuan. However, the decoration budget details and preliminary design and construction drawings were not issued with the contract. Without decoration details, how to calculate the total decoration price? Mr. Zhang said that the sales staff of Mingxing decoration said that it was calculated according to the area. Before signing the contract, they asked him to read a package manual on the computer, but did not print it out, nor did they give him the preliminary design and construction drawings after measuring the room. The person of Mingxing decoration said that he had to pay 20% of the total contract price to issue the above materials. Mr. Zhang said that on the second day after signing the contract, when he once again proposed to see the details of the decoration package, Mingxing decoration sent the electronic package manual to Mr. Zhang. However, when the famous star decoration construction personnel came to Mr. Zhang's home to prepare for construction, they proposed that Mr. Zhang would need to pay another 6000 yuan for the project involving wall demolition, wall building and ground leveling. I didn't give the detailed quotation and design scheme of decoration, and I had to temporarily increase the off-site fee. Mr. Zhang was very dissatisfied with this. He thought that Mingxing decoration company was suspected of delaying the decoration and had no integrity, so he wanted to terminate the contract and asked to return the deposit, but it was rejected by Mingxing decoration company. Their rejection makes me think that the process of famous stars is actually a ‘ Set ’, We have to pay a deposit if we want to see the details, but when we get the details of the deposit, we will find that there are additional items, and we can't return them if we want to return them. The reporter saw the famous star decoration sent by the complainant Mr. Zhang &mdash& mdash; The instruction manual of the popular decoration products of Star decoration found that the instructions were very detailed about the decoration in the package, but the specific contents involved in the pictures were vague and unclear. Famous star decoration: the decoration package has been priced clearly, and the step-by-step charging becomes the hidden rules of the line. On July 4, the reporter of Changjiang Daily interviewed manager Zhao of famous star decoration company. He introduced that the wall demolition, wall building and ground leveling projects of Mr. Zhang's family are clearly marked in the package manual, which belong to personalized customized content and are not included in the package project, so they need to be charged separately. We showed Mr. Zhang the package instructions at the beginning, and we thought they knew it very well. Manager Zhao mentioned that not only did he tear down walls and build walls, but also the package manual mentioned that if customers want renderings, they also need to pay extra design fees; If customers need to replace and upgrade the main and auxiliary materials in the package, they also need to pay the upgrade fee. In the past, we lost a lot when we got the detailed list and design drawings. According to manager Zhao, many decoration companies in the industry now take several steps. Generally, they will not give the decoration details and design and construction drawings to customers until 20% of the total contract price is delivered. This is mainly to prevent customers from canceling the contract after getting the decoration details and design and construction drawings, and looking for other decoration companies or decoration teams to complete the decoration. We mentioned and explained the problem of non refundable deposit in the contract, but Mr. Zhang did not question it at that time. He also mentioned that this order was originally a very preferential package activity, but in order to ease Mr. Zhang's mood, the company also gave a total of more than 2000 yuan of discounts, such as gas stoves and decoration materials. However, Mr. Zhang felt that the delivery was insufficient. When discussing the refund of the deposit, we compromised and said that half of the deposit would be refunded. Otherwise, what about the labor costs we have incurred, but Mr. Zhang still disagreed. Wuhan Consumer Association: if there is a deception or overlord clause, you can refund it through negotiation with the Department of industry and commerce. Tian fan, director of the home decoration Committee of Wuhan Architectural Decoration Association, said that in recent years, the competition in Wuhan home decoration market has become increasingly fierce. In order to attract customers, some home decoration enterprises have launched various preferential and profit making activities. The industry is also known as low price orders. Customers will deposit at the event site affected by preferential and profit making. However, the agreement on the activity is generally only about the budget. In the later stage, the specific order will often increase the project cost, and some consumers want to refund the order after the increase, but find that the deposit can't be refunded, and they will feel trapped. He talked about the above case that the package specification of Mingxing decoration is obviously only a preliminary quotation framework for all package customers, and cannot replace the detailed quotation of decoration. After the later confirmation and signing of the contract, the detailed quotation of decoration should be issued according to the specific situation of customers. In addition, he also specially reminded consumers not to blindly place a deposit, and never take the oral commitment of the salesperson as the basis to think that the deposit can be refunded; Before signing the order, we must clearly agree with the decoration company whether to return the deposit, and write it clearly on the order! In addition, some deposit orders will be marked with the words "deposit is not refundable" in an inconspicuous corner, and consumers often pay attention to discounts at the event site and ignore the contents of the deposit order. Therefore, remind consumers to look carefully after getting the deposit order. The relevant person in charge of Wuhan Consumer Association said that consumers have a demand for refund. If the industrial and Commercial Office finds that there are deceptive or overlord clauses in the deposit form, it can negotiate with the decoration company for refund through the industrial and commercial office





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