Small family living room welfare 12 double cloth s

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For the small family living room, the choice of sofa may not be as sufficient as the large family. But in fact, just the double fabric sofa can also have a variety of style choices. In terms of comfort and beauty, it will never lose a lot to the big sofa. Come and have a look if you don't believe it

part1: solid color series double sofa

small family living room welfare 12 double fabric small sofa recommendations

Aishang small family small card seat sofa

brand: Aishang small family

price: 540 yuan

editor's recommendation: this leisure small card seat sofa is small and light, with a Japanese elegant style. Soft and thick fabric with solid wood chair legs, it is stable and generous, showing an elegant temperament. The sofa fabric is of high quality, creating a unique q-bounce sitting feeling, not easy to collapse, and extremely soft and comfortable

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