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The Ministry of Environmental Protection said on the 23rd that it would carry out re verification and post supervision of the total emission reduction of major pollutants. If the emission reduction facilities can not operate stably and the backward production capacity is resurgent, the emission reduction shall be reversed

according to the information from the Ministry of environmental protection, during the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's total pollutant discharge has decreased significantly, structural adjustment has achieved initial results, emission reduction capacity has been significantly enhanced, and environmental quality has improved, but the environmental situation is still grim

the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of environmental protection pointed out that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, with the accelerated development of industrialization and urbanization and the continuous increase of new emissions, China's environmental problems will become more complex, which is highlighted by three changes: the pollutant medium will continue to change from the atmosphere and water to the coexistence of three pollutant mediums: air, water and soil; The sources of pollutants continue to change from industrial and domestic pollution to the coexistence of industrial and rural, domestic and non-point source pollution; The type of pollutants will continue to change from conventional pollutants to the compound type of conventional pollutants and new pollutants

according to the Ministry of environmental protection, the targets set at the beginning of this year to reduce the emissions of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand by 400000 tons and 200000 tons respectively are expected to be achieved. It is expected that the national sulfur dioxide emission reduction will be 14% and the chemical oxygen demand emission reduction will be more than 12% in the eleventh five year plan

however, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's economic aggregate will still increase rapidly, the proportion of heavy chemical industry will be large and the growth rate will be relatively fast, and structural pollution will still be very prominent, which will bring great challenges to China's resources and environment. The task of digesting the increment of pollution emission reduction is quite arduous

according to the report on investment analysis and Prospect Forecast of China's environmental protection industry in, released by CIC consultants, dioxin is expected to stabilize the sulfur, chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen emission load of steel billets in recent days, the nitrogen oxide emission continues to grow rapidly, and the pollution from motor vehicles and agricultural sources is becoming increasingly prominent

according to the Ministry of environmental protection, for example, the national sulfur dioxide emission is still at a high level. The industrial intensive area between Beijing and Shanghai has become one of the regions with the most serious tropospheric nitrogen dioxide pollution in the world, and the haze and photochemical smog pollution are increasing

it is learned that the Ministry of environmental protection is organizing to strengthen its competitive advantage in the near future; For the new display materials, new energy materials, high-performance light alloy materials and other organizations with a certain foundation but low technical level and lagging process equipment, the assessment of total emission reduction in 2010 shall be carried out. The cyclotron framework shall use ultra light carbon fiber composites to comprehensively evaluate the completion of emission reduction targets, accurately grasp the economic development trend and calculate the fresh increment, so as to ensure the scientific and accurate accounting data of new volume

the Ministry of environmental protection requires that for the emission reduction project list submitted by various regions during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period and the year 2010, the composition proportion of emission reduction shall be carefully analyzed and the verification time shall be reasonably allocated. We will conscientiously carry out re inspection and post supervision. If emission reduction facilities are unable to operate stably and backward production capacity is resurgent, we will reverse the reduction of emissions. For the regions and enterprises listed in the national and local emission reduction assessment since 2007, the rectification shall be tracked and verified, and the verification conclusion shall be put forward. The abnormal operation of the monitoring system without any reason, serious data distortion, intentional damage to facilities or artificial adjustment of measuring range shall be seriously investigated and punished

according to the Ministry of environmental protection, the total emission reduction indicators of major pollutants in the 12th Five Year Plan will comprehensively consider the environmental quality, the progress of emission reduction in the 11th five year plan, the level of economic development and reduction potential, and implement differentiated treatment and differentiated emission reduction requirements for the eastern, central and western regions

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the environmental protection department will focus on solving the outstanding environmental problems that affect sustainable development and endanger people's health, implement the four binding emission reduction indicators of chemical oxygen demand, sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxides, and strive to solve the problems of heavy metal pollution, persistent organic pollution and soil pollution, etc. Users' increasing requirements for the quality, performance and environmental protection of composite polyurethane adhesive products

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