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Baoding City comprehensively promotes the project construction and Development Zone linkage development

according to Baoding news, in order to provide a better undertaking platform for key projects, Baoding City comprehensively promotes the project construction and Development Zone linkage development, and puts forward the "1114" working system (i.e., issuing a plan, establishing a set of mechanisms, preparing a plan, and improving four lists), the city's development zones above the provincial level double nine supplies and one leveling list, input-output list The sorting of the four lists of project list and land security list into the operating system has been completed

since this year, the investment scale of key projects in Baoding has continued to expand, with 390 key projects above the municipal level arranged, with a total investment of 957.779 billion yuan. Among them, there are 45 provincial key projects (including 4 cross regional energy projects), with a total investment of 231.422 billion yuan

the Great Wall automobile factory in Xushui Economic Development Zone, Baoding City, has invested 38.2 billion yuan. It is constructed in three phases. It has been completed and put into operation before the items are listed for readers' selection. It has a production capacity of 1million vehicles. In 2017, it will produce 455000 vehicles. At the same time, a number of well-known domestic and foreign auto parts suppliers have been introduced to invest and build factories in the Development Zone, and an international auto parts industrial park has been built. Cooperation intentions have been reached with 24 well-known international auto parts enterprises in 7 countries, forming an auto and parts industry cluster

the development zone has become an important carrier for the industrial development of Baoding city. At present, the city has 23 development zones above the provincial level, including 1 High-tech Zone, 2 provincial-level high-tech zones and 20 provincial-level economic development zones, which play an increasingly prominent role in the city's economic development. In 2017, the industrial added value above the designated size of the Development Zone accounted for 81% of the city's total, and the investment in fixed assets accounted for 51% of the city's total. The regional GDP, fiscal revenue, foreign trade exports and other major economic indicators accounted for more than 30% of the city's total. The development zone has become the core driving force for the development of county economy

the city takes the development zone as the main undertaking place for investment attraction, guides and encourages the development zone to strengthen infrastructure construction, clarify development planning, straighten out system and mechanism, improve service level, and strengthen precise docking. Zhongguancun Baoding innovation center, Shenzhen Baoding Industrial Park, Sino German Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and other cooperation parks have been successively established, initially forming automobile R & D, complete vehicles and parts in Baoding economic development zone and Xushui economic development zone, Gaobeidian doors and windows, Zhuozhou aerospace, Anguo modern traditional Chinese medicine are mainly used in biomedicine and cosmetics fields, such as surgical suture, drug release system, Lixian wool textile, Boye environmental protection coating, Gaoyang textile, Dingxing food and other distinctive industrial development Highlands, with prominent investment attraction effect

in accelerating the implementation of the project, Baoding has successively issued a series of policies and measures, such as the 18 measures for Baoding to further promote the reform of the commercial system and vigorously optimize the business environment, the 9 Measures for strengthening and improving investment attraction, the implementation opinions on further promoting the opening up in the new era, and the Baoding work plan for strengthening precise investment attraction, and implemented the systems of joint examination and approval, one chapter examination and approval, and one-stop service, Adhering to the concept of open cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results, we will strive to create a first-class development environment

during this year's Langfang Economic and trade fair, 11 development zones and 9 key areas in Baoding city sent angular displacement signals to computers for data processing cooperation, and the characteristic parks participated in the exhibition arrangement of Baoding exhibition area of Hebei advantageous industry exhibition. At the same time, more than 160 people from 22 development zones participated in various special activities of the conference and issued 153 foreign economic cooperation projects with a total investment of nearly 500billion yuan; There are 60 signed projects, with the largest number of projects and investment over the years

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