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New choice for domestic wheel excavation! Baoding bd95w

a new choice for domestic wheel excavation! What about Baoding bd95w-9 wheel excavator

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at present, the wheel excavator is a hot spot in the project, and various domestic excavator manufacturers are competing for this market. Baoding bd95w-9 multi-functional wheel excavator stands out with its excellent performance and working indicators in many low-energy construction projects in Europe, North America and Asia, becoming a good choice for customers in the multi-functional wheel excavator market

Baoding bd95w-9 wheel excavator

Baoding bd95w-9 wheel excavator

Baoding's new bd95w-9 multi-functional wheel excavator has a grand appearance, standard bucket volume of 0.35m3, engine function of 88.3 HP pressurization, transportation length, width and height of 6369x2710x2100mm. Baoding 95 wheel excavator adopts a large area of yellow coating, and the interior space of the cab is spacious. It is equipped with cold and warm air conditioning and LCD dashboard, The indicators of work comfort equipment are displayed accurately. In order to ensure safety, the fuselage is equipped with multiple handrails to get on and off safely. The cab is pre protected to prevent splash damage

Baoding bd95w-9 wheel excavator

the specific working parameters of Baoding bd95w-9 wheel excavator

have excellent working performance. Baoding multi-functional wheel 95 excavator adopts the configuration of domestic engine and imported hydraulic system, and matches the imported large flow piston pump system to ensure working efficiency. The whole vehicle grabs a large grab height. When the Baoding 95 multi-functional wheel excavator is equipped with wood grabbing machine accessories, the maximum grab weight is 1000kg and the grab height. However, if the experimental machine is made of different materials, the required speed is 5200mm and the maximum excavation depth is 3450mm, which has obvious advantages over the equipment of the same model

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