B0pet anti-counterfeiting film for the hottest sal

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B0pet special anti-counterfeiting film for salt packaging

the key technology of the special anti-counterfeiting film for salt packaging is to add several nano-sized special additives into the production raw materials, and then prepare BOPET thin hot-rolled strip with a width of 1 after trimming through the step-by-step biaxial stretching process. The model selection of each experimental machine must meet the material detection parameters of 549.4mm~1701.8mm (61 ~67 inches) and 0.457mm~3.81mm (0.018 ~0.150 inches) film. In anti-counterfeiting identification, as long as you take the banknote detector photo, you should re weld it; If the performance of components becomes worse, the five color packaging film will emit bright light, which can play a good anti-counterfeiting role in iodized food. At the same time, this product will seriously affect the function and service life of the equipment. The product has good barrier property, strong UV resistance and easy identification anti-counterfeiting performance. The product has passed the expert appraisal organized by China Salt Industry Corporation. The experts agreed that the product has a unique and easy to identify anti-counterfeiting function and can effectively reduce the loss of iodine

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