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Methods for back cutting of adhesive label materials

back cutting of adhesive label materials means that the fabric of the label is die-cut or not die-cut under normal conditions, while the bottom paper is cut. Back cutting has the following purposes:

1 Remove excess backing paper. Some labels require a small backing paper at the edges of both sides during application, such as various printed labels. If printing with small paper edges, Paper edges are easy to discharge "Today, it breaks, resulting in downtime and big waves, which makes the sliding table move with the lead screw, and it is not conducive to high-speed production. To solve this problem, when printing on the rotary machine, a certain size of paper edge is reserved on both sides of the web, which can increase the strength of the paper edge. Before waste discharge, use a round knife to continuously back cut the excess base paper on the base paper and cooperate with the front die cutting. Finally, the excess base paper and paper edge are together when waste is discharged The label has a small bottom paper edge and will not affect the production due to the low strength of the paper edge. The above back cutting can also be carried out after waste discharge. This method is suitable for label machines of various printing forms

2. Easy to remove the backing paper. Some integral labels or large labels require quick removal of the backing paper during application. If it is only opened from one end, it will bring trouble to the user. In order to quickly remove the bottom paper, the method of cutting the middle of the bottom paper can be used, so it is easy to remove the bottom paper. For example, the back cutting process is adopted for some express mail labels, so that the bottom paper can be quickly removed during application

3. Special process purpose. Partial back cutting is adopted, and the front and back sides of the circular die-cutting roller are die-cut together. As the bottom paper on the back of the label is cut off as a whole (generally a closed figure), when the label is removed from the bottom paper, the bottom paper cut off at the back is integrated with the label fabric. This means that there is part of the back of the label that is not glued. This kind of label is a special label, which is used for the second combination of special fields, such as labels on socks, food sealing labels, baggage labels used in airports, etc

there are two back cutting methods:

1 Sheet fed back cutting

it is carried out on the sheet fed back cutting machine. The paper is manually continued by the operator. Changing the position of the round knife changes the back cutting position. Generally, the process of back cutting, then front die cutting and waste discharge is adopted

2. Web back cutting

1) continuously plug, put and switch the power supply without permission. It can be carried out on the label machine or on the web back cutting machine

2) local dorsal resection. As mentioned above, die cutting is completed by the die-cutting roller installed under the base paper

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