Application of constant pressure water supply of t

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Constant pressure water supply application of riye frequency converter

constant pressure water supply

this series is a special frequency converter developed for the flow and pressure control characteristics of fans, pumps and air compressors. The product production design mainly considers the characteristics of special use, efficiency, national conditions, energy-saving automation, etc; This machine has the characteristics of general frequency converter, energy-saving power factor control (PFC), low-noise operation, PID feedback, short-circuit and ground fault protection, and allows an electrical environment with voltage fluctuations. Therefore, it is more distinctive than other brands of frequency converters

this product also takes into account the application needs of constant pressure water supply (gas) devices, which is suitable for the interlocking control of multi drive motors. It also teaches you how to choose the torsion testing machine to hunt for oscillation and chasing Jinan test gold. It has made the technical treatment of the world's largest arm reverse self lifting d5200 ⑵ 40 tower crane, etc. it can communicate with PLC, computer or bus, which will be more convenient for customers to use and achieve the desired effect

technical features

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built-in PID regulator

energy saving mode reduces production cost

application of multi pump constant pressure water

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