Application of CTP plate making in carton printing

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Application of CTP plate making in carton printing enterprises

in recent years, CTP plate making process has been more and more widely used in carton production, and has become an important way for carton printing enterprises to shorten the plate making production cycle, control production costs, and improve production efficiency and product quality. Although the advantages of CTP plate making process are beyond doubt, at present, there are some problems that need to be solved by corresponding control measures, so that it can inject new vitality into the production of preprinted cartons

application trend

using film version is the plate making method adopted by most carton printing enterprises. However, now the price of film materials is expensive. For carton products with wide format and large film consumption area, the cost is considerable. In addition, the film plate making process will cause some obstacles to the implementation of green printing. Polylysine, as a green nutritional food preservative, will affect the competitiveness of carton printing enterprises. In this context, CTP plate making, which has both cost advantages and environmental advantages, has naturally become the development direction of offset printing carton plate making

with the deepening understanding of production cost control in the carton printing industry, the application of CTP plate making process is bound to show an increasing momentum of development. However, when vigorously developing CTP plate making process, we should also see some problems that cannot be ignored in CTP plate making process, such as the relatively high price of plates, the expensive accessories of plate making equipment, the high recent error rate of plate making caused by the operator's unskilled operation technology or careless attitude, and the poor stability of reprint printing quality caused by the unstable printing quality, These need further improvement and perfection. Therefore, for carton printing enterprises, the development of CTP plate making process should not be blindly followed, but should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages according to the production scale, production adaptability and technical capacity of the factory, and appropriately develop plate making process suitable for the actual situation of the factory, so as to make the imported equipment put to the best use

there are problems

according to the situation of the CTP version made by the author's company and the application of the CTP version prepared by some customers, the most common problem is the error of the composition operation or the confusion of some pages when outputting, which will lead to the rejection of the printing plate because it does not meet the quality requirements. The author believes that the main reasons are as follows: the operation technology of plate making and plate making personnel is not skilled, and they are not familiar with plate making software and plate making equipment; The computer configuration does not match the file format; The conversion of files that need to be transferred is ignored; Do not know the printing process and post press processing process; Carelessness in making up and making plates; There is no serious check on the quality of the mosaic

in fact, many CTP plate making quality accidents are caused by the insufficient operation skills, professional knowledge and operation experience of plate making personnel. Therefore, CTP plate makers (6) implementing the demonstration project of major new material projects is a very important element in the plate making process. In addition to having the basic quality of patience and carefulness, they should also be familiar with the connection and use methods between computers and other external special equipment, and have basic skills in document management, output and layout; Skillfully use the equipment related to plate making and complete the plate making work independently; Master the installation method of relevant software and the setting of relevant parameters; Master the basic knowledge of typesetting specifications and typesetting software; Be familiar with all kinds of composing software, understand and master all kinds of file formats and problems prone to careless operation, so as to better avoid the occurrence of composing and output faults

jigsaw operation

only by mastering the characteristics of the product and making a reasonable jigsaw according to the adaptability of printing and post press technology control can we meet the requirements of improving production efficiency and product quality

before making up, you should first understand the process characteristics, finished product specifications, paper specifications and the main characteristics of the printing machine. For the layout of printing with a set of small color boxes with multiple specifications and multiple layouts, try to put the layout with similar colors in the vertical position of the printing sheet, which is conducive to accurately adjusting the color of the printing layout and reducing the occurrence of color difference. For the layout that needs precise overprinting, try to put it in the direction of biting and drawing gauge, so as to better improve the overprinting accuracy of the layout. For the layout with local precision overprint requirements, it should be considered to make the overprint part of the layout into a trapping structure. For example, according to the accuracy of the printing machine, the characteristics of the substrate and the layout structure, the light color layout outline should be expanded by 0.05 ~ 0.3mm as appropriate, so as to prevent the edge of the overprint layout from showing white defects. For the overprinting and splicing of the textured layout and the field layout, it is best to appropriately expand the edge hub of the textured layout

the characteristics of post press processing technology should also be considered when making up. For the multi plate structure layout that needs to be cut after printing, there is no need to leave the cutting position between the two adjacent plates, which can reduce the number of cutting knives and improve the cutting accuracy of the finished product. For the combined layout of cutting products and die-cutting products, the layout to be cut should be assembled in the direction corresponding to the trailing tip of the printing sheet, so that the accuracy of the layout of die-cutting semi-finished products will not be affected after the cut semi-finished products are cut. In addition, the process characteristics of lamination, UV, hot stamping, binding and so on should be considered in the assembly, so as to ensure the integrity of the product

when it comes to bleeding size, generally single-layer base paper printing, such as white board paper without tile mounting, cardboard color box products, the conventional bleeding size is 3mm. If limited by the base paper specification, the bleeding size can be appropriately reduced. For corrugated board products that need multi-layer mounting, due to the large error of mounting and die-cutting process, the bleeding volume generally needs to be 5mm to better meet the control requirements of post press processing quality

in order to facilitate printing inspection and distinguish different varieties, as well as prevent mixed packaging in the process of box pasting and box pasting, it should also be considered to mark the color code of the appropriate area, overprint gauge line, signal strip, identification text of the product name, production order number, semi-finished product line, cutting line or die-cutting indentation gauge line, output time, plate making operator, etc. in the appropriate part, so as to facilitate the traceability of production

in the communication between the author's enterprise and the plate making company, the author found that the composition process 5. The movable adjustment distance with the stroller handle connecting rod: About 300mm. The common problems are page variation, page misspelling, and page loss. The problem of layout variation is that in the process of making up, due to careless operation or insufficient familiarity with the characteristics of the document, insufficient grasp of the operation technology, local layout variation occurs after making up, and the layout turns into a lattice structure truthfully. Misspelling refers to the wrong position, direction and specification of the layout, the repetition of some layouts, the omission of some layouts or the improper size of bleeding caused by being unfamiliar with the printing process or careless operation. Out of print refers to the incomplete layout structure caused by the lack of some graphics and text in the layout after making up, especially for documents in CDR format. When making up and moving, local graphics and text in the layout are often lost due to the careless operation of the plate makers or the failure to grasp the operation methods. In fact, as long as the staff are careful in operation, the above problems can be basically avoided

plate inspection

in the process of CTP composition, output and printing, the staff must carefully inspect each link in order to prevent quality problems to the greatest extent. The main contents of the inspection are whether the color code, signal bar, gauge line, layout color, bleeding volume, graphic structure, layout position and specification meet the requirements of finished product quality. Setting color codes, signal bars, and binding lines in the appropriate positions of the product can provide the basis for quality inspection and control of printing and binding. These settings must be considered when making up, especially for four-color overprint products. To control the depth of printing color, it is often through the observation of various color standards to grasp and control the size of ink delivery. The layout color check is to check whether the color mark of the layout is consistent with the actual layout structure. The inspection of graphics and text and layout position is mainly to check whether the graphics and text are complete and whether the position is appropriate. In particular, the layout with pictures and texts is mostly made by using two kinds of software. If the computer software used by the operator does not support a certain file format, it is easy to have local version loss or deformation. Therefore, when checking, special attention should be paid to placing the printed version side by side with the printed version for comparative inspection, which will be more intuitive. In addition, pay attention to check and compare with the technical requirements of the post printing process and the specifications of the finished products, and batch output can be carried out only after confirming that the printing plate meets the requirements

most of the printing products produced by carton printing factories are large format, so for them, the advantage of CTP plate making in cost saving is obvious. In addition, it is of great significance to improve the production efficiency of prepress production, reduce the pollution of production environment, and realize green printing production. However, for small and medium-sized carton printing enterprises in the pilot stage, this technology still needs some efforts to better control the cost and quality of plate making, showing great vitality

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