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Application of color measurement in printing

printing control

in the offset printing process, the amount and thickness of ink on the paper will change with the increase of ink flow in the ink bucket. Setting the ink density on the printing machine, that is, process control, was previously observed with eyes. But in the past ten years, the density measurement method has been used to control the color data. Standards developed using densimeter measurements include swop, snap, and gracol

quality control (QC)

quality control includes the following functions: monitoring the process control of the printing machine, monitoring the consistency of printed matter, and tracking production variables. Printing operators are most concerned about the printing density and dot expansion. The further analysis is based on ink overprint, printing contrast, color difference, gray balance, etc

measurable production variables that affect image quality include: film dot area of Imagesetter, dot size on plate of plate printing or CTP plate making. In order to measure these variables, QC department should have a densitometer or spectrophotometer used by the printing factory

because of the low reflection of the image and non image parts, how to do a good job in the poor maintenance of the universal testing machine, there will be measurement problems when using a densimeter to read the data of CTP or traditional plates. Betascreen and Tobias announced that among their optical densitometers, there are products that can accurately read the data on the plate

the new generation of plate reader is a device based on video CCD. For example, acme plate Jinan experimental machine factory portal Brinell hardness tester is a new model reader and centurfax ccdot are beta products sold in the U.S. market. These instruments use a video array of about 250*300 points to determine the point area on the plate. Unlike the densitometer, which uses light, it is increasingly favored by users and gradually replaces the reflection principle of wire rope rigging in many aspects. Those parts that do not need a lot of testing like the main structure

Desktop production process

Desktop operators can use spectrophotometer or colorimeter to test colors on chromatograms, user materials and photos, colormousetoo of color savvy!, Specrolino of gretagemacbeth, dtp22 of X-Rite and colorton can be used for this purpose. When the light radiation colorimeter or spectrophotometer is used together with the screen calibration software, the operator can calibrate the screen color. Dtp92 monitor optimizer of X-Rite and spectroscan of creatigmacbeth can be used for this purpose

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