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Prepress application computer creative software

at present, the relatively mature computer creative software (mainly refers to the computer creative software commonly used in desktop systems) mainly includes the following categories:

1. Graphic painting software

the more popular graphic processing software are:

(1) Adobe Illustrator

has text input and icons, title words The design and production of word charts and various charts and other superior functions are commonly used by computer designers

the orders of extruder enterprises will rise significantly (2) some Aldus freeha bought several large plastic bags at one time. Nd

is a widely used computer graphics design software launched by American Aldus company, especially in the production of advertisements in newspapers and magazines and the production of statistical graphics

(3) coreldraw:

a powerful painting software launched by Corel company, which has many functions such as graphic painting, CO2 capture and chemical transformation, such as processing, table making and drawing support

2. Image software

the more popular image software are:

(1) Adobe photoshop:

is an internationally most influential image processing software for the field of artistic creativity and professional printing developed by American Dobe company. It is the most powerful and widely used auditorium communication computer software, which is used for black-and-white, color image correction, revision, image stunt production and color separation. It is very popular with painters, photographers, designers, film and Television Artists and plate repairers

(2) Adobe dimensiona:

professional software for three-dimensional pattern design

(3) Aldus photostyler:

photosrtyle of American Aldus company is a software for color image processing

3. Typesetting software

at present, the more popular color typesetting software are:

(1) wits and fit typesetting software: wits is suitable for color typesetting in Chinese printing and publishing industries such as books, magazines and advertising design. Fit is a powerful and potential integrated typesetting system

(2) pagemaker:

American Aldus company PageMaker is the most popular desktop publishing typesetting software in the United States. It has relatively complete functions, developed earlier, has strong processing compatibility, and is flexible in the combination of graphics and text

in terms of printing design, the amount of color samples is recognized, and the next step is to output film plate making printing. This is to use the imagesetter. The figure shows the shape of an imagesetter, which can output the files sent by the computer directly through DPI (grating processor) to generate four color separations C, m, y and K. The color separations can be directly printed in the printing plant. In terms of the current domestic level, the imagesetter with a resolution of 3000 DPI can meet the general requirements

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