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Application of corona treatment equipment in dry compounding machine

now plastic flexible packaging has been widely used in various fields of commodity packaging. Polyethylene and polypropylene are the most commonly used flexible packaging. Nonpolar film is a kind of nonpolar material, with dense and smooth surface. It is an inert surface, and the surface free energy is relatively only 2.9-3.0106j/cm2. Theoretically, the film with surface free energy lower than 3.3x106j/cm2 cannot infiltrate any adhesive that has been used at present. Therefore, surface treatment must be carried out first. Make the surface free energy of the film reach 3.8-4.j/Guangya aluminum plans to spend 3 years cm2. It is conducive to obtain good compliance strength. There are many common methods of film surface treatment, among which corona treatment is a common method

as a technical research, we must understand the relative introduction:

a - wetting: "Adhesion fastness is a kind of surface physical and chemical action, which is shown as a result of the interaction between the substrate film and the glue molecules. Therefore, the substrate film and the glue are in a wet state, and the glue fully expands on the composite substrate, which is a prerequisite for the formation of good adhesion fastness. If the wetting is poor and incomplete, there will be many bubbles, that is, the uneven spread of the glue will produce a blank situation. As a result, the peel strength between layers will be greatly reduced Low. Wetting means that the glue acts as a bridge when the interface between the coated substrate and the air is compounded; It involves rigidity, toughness, filling and several indicators; The greater the surface tension of the film, the better the wettability. Reducing the surface tension of the glue will help to spread the glue and ultimately improve the adhesion

the wetting state of glue is related to its expansion speed, the surface structure state of film and the viscosity of glue. So now the adhesive factory pursues high solid content and low viscosity, which is the reason; At the same time, high solid content and low viscosity glue are not only conducive to the coating state, but also reduce quality accidents; More attention is paid to reducing the use of solvent 7 Carry out chemical composition analysis and metallographic analysis to reduce the comprehensive cost of products; The foot glue and film substrate that need to be discussed must be compatible. In fact, they are miscible; If the surface tension is insoluble, there is no concept of adhesion

b - intermolecular gravity: "Glues with different molecular structures can be designed and combined to obtain glues with different properties; whether it is high-temperature glue or general-purpose glue, the molecules must have crosslinking and permeability; the degree of crosslinking and the spreading state of penetration are related to the surface. After all, the aluminum alloy for electrical engineering has been successfully developed, which is related to the tension and structure; therefore, we emphasize that the molecular design should be reasonable, and the solvent release is good;

gravure printing machines used in color printing plants are equipped with Corresponding corona treatment equipment is prepared. When treatment is needed, just put the film between the electrode rollers in order. The treated film directly enters the printing unit, and the ink has a good adhesion effect on the film. One aspect of the technical transformation is to install corona treatment equipment on the built-in compounding machine. The purpose is to improve the surface tension value of polyethylene hydrocarbon film and the adhesion fastness of composite products. Equipped with corresponding EDM processing equipment on the dry compound machine, good results will be achieved. The equipped treatment equipment is an aspect of the technical transformation of our plant, and the purpose is to conduct quantitative research. Ad80-2-10 plastic surface treatment machine produced by Zhebang Boya company is adopted. After corona treatment, the surface tension of the film can reach 3.8-n/cm2, which greatly improves the peel strength of the composite film and completely meets the quality requirements. It is very helpful for aluminum coating, especially BOPP aluminum coating; Only changes should be made in the installation and wiring of the equipment. The principle of corona treatment, surface tension detection method, installation and wiring of equipment and common troubleshooting will be described below

corona treatment principle

electric shock or breakdown. On September 25th, 2014, under the action of high-voltage electric field, the strong impact of electron flow on the plastic film can make the film surface hairy, rough and increase the surface area. When the adhesive is in contact with its surface, it can produce good infiltration, and the adhesive will penetrate into the roughened grooves, and the film will be firmly bonded by the "anchoring" effect. This is a physical effect. The surface of the treated film is obviously uneven and rough compared with the untreated film under a high-power magnifying glass. The electric shock intensity can increase with the increase of voltage and current. As shown in the upper right figure

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