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Talking about the application and development of automobile anti-theft device

[Abstract] this paper systematically expounds the definition, type, development and application of automobile anti-theft device, and produces compounds harmful to human body

[Key words] automobile anti-theft device; Electronic anti-theft system

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, cars have increasingly become an indispensable part of people's life. Since the theft of the world's first model T Ford, car theft has become one of the most common crimes in cities today. The number of cars has increased, and the number of stolen vehicles has also increased year by year, which has brought great instability to the society. The fear of vehicle theft has become a difficult problem for every car user. With the popularity of convertibles, car door locks have not become a foolproof iron general, so that the concept of door locking system has been further diluted, so the car anti-theft device also came into being. Now there are a variety of electronic anti-theft devices on the market, and the best selling electronic anti-theft locks can be bought between 300 yuan and 400 yuan. Now many new cars on the market have been installed with the original car anti-theft device. Some vehicle keys have anti-theft chips, which randomly change the unlock password, so that car thieves can not unlock by scientific and technological means. Once this key is lost, it can only be matched with a set of keys at the original factory with the vehicle's user registration card. According to the latest technical information, some models have begun to use hidden IC cards instead of car keys. As long as the owner walks into the vehicle within 3 to 5 meters, the anti-theft device will automatically unlock. The owner sits in the vehicle and presses the ignition switch, and the vehicle will be started. When the owner leaves the vehicle for 5 meters, the door will lock automatically

I. definition and type of car theft deterrent

(I) definition of car theft deterrent

car theft deterrent is a device installed on the car to increase the difficulty of car theft and prolong the time of car theft. It is the protector of the car. By connecting the anti-theft device with the vehicle circuit, it can prevent the vehicle from being stolen, infringed, protect the vehicle and realize various functions of the anti-theft device

(II) types and characteristics of automobile anti-theft devices

with the progress of science and technology, in order to deal with the escalating means of car theft, people have developed anti-theft devices in various ways and structures. At present, anti-theft devices can be divided into four categories according to their structures, and the filling success rate of glass ion group is 88.7%: mechanical, electromechanical, electronic and network

1. Mechanical anti-theft device. The early automobile anti-theft equipment was mainly mechanical anti-theft locks. The development of mechanical lock has undergone several technical upgrades. Hook lock, steering wheel lock and gear shift lock basically belong to mechanical anti-theft devices. It mainly achieves the purpose of anti-theft by locking clutch, brake, accelerator or steering wheel and gear shift. Only anti-theft does not alarm. Its advantage is that it is cheap, only needs dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, and it is easy to install, which can deter thieves to a certain extent, or increase the possibility of thieves being found. The disadvantage is that the anti-theft is not complete, and it is troublesome to disassemble and assemble every time. You have to find a place to place it when not in use

at present, there is a kind of steering wheel lock in the market. This kind of lock is relatively hidden and protected by a layer of anti sawing and anti drilling steel plate. The material is stronger than the traditional crutch lock, which has the performance of maintaining the aroma of food at the same time. The lock cylinder is also designed to be more precise, so the reliability is higher. But the car owner must find a space to hide the removed steering wheel; Gear lock is one of the anti-theft devices most appreciated by car owners at present. This anti-theft device is simple and solid. It is made of special high hardness alloy steel, anti prying, anti drilling, anti sawing, and uses the same nickel silver alloy lock cylinder and key. It is extremely difficult to open it without the original key. If the key is lost, the original computer card can be used to copy the key

2. Electromechanical anti-theft device. With the progress of science, an electromechanical anti-theft device (central door lock) has emerged. The central door lock controls the opening or locking of the door lock by electricity, and the driver centrally controls the locking or opening of all door locks. The central locking system has the following functions:

when the driver's door lock is locked (or opened), several other doors and the trunk can be locked (or opened); If you lock the door with the key, you can also lock (or open) other doors and trunk; When individual door locks in the car need to be opened, the buttons of each door lock can be opened respectively

3. Electronic anti-theft device. In order to overcome the shortcomings of mechanical locks that only guard against theft and do not alarm, electronic alarm anti-theft devices came into being. The automobile electronic anti-theft system adds the control circuit of the anti-theft system on the basis of the original central door lock to control the movement of the car and alarm at the same time. Electronic anti-theft is an ideal anti-theft device at present. If a thief steals a car or items on the car, the anti-theft system not only has the functions of cutting off the starting circuit, ignition circuit, fuel injection circuit, oil supply circuit and speed change circuit, locking the brake, etc., but also sends different audible and visual signals for help to alarm, giving a mental blow to the thief to prevent the thief from stealing

plug type, button type and remote control type are all electronic anti-theft devices. The feature of the remote-controlled automobile anti-theft device is that it can remotely control all functions of the anti-theft device, which is reliable and convenient. It can be equipped with vibration detection, door control protection, microwave or infrared probe and other functions. With the rapid development of science and technology, the remote control car anti-theft device has also added many convenient and practical additional functions, such as remote control of central door lock, remote control of cooling and heating, remote control of electric doors and windows, remote control of luggage compartment, etc. Now there are two-way electronic anti-theft devices on the market. This kind of anti-theft device can not only control the vehicle remotely by the owner, but also transmit its own state to the owner, such as the door is opened or the window glass is damaged. However, the electronic anti-theft device generally has the phenomenon of false alarm, and it has not fundamentally solved the problem of vehicle loss

s satellite positioning car anti-theft system. The tensile strength of GPS satellite is also higher. The car anti-theft system (or other network systems) silently transmits the alarm information and the location of the alarm vehicle to the alarm center. It has many functions, such as vehicle positioning, remote control flameout, network query and tracking, in car monitoring, road condition information query, manual navigation and so on. It is a comprehensive anti-theft system

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