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Sewage treatment in small nitrogenous fertilizer plants -- Strengthening Management (3)

1 strict process control

process indicators should be controlled in the best state, so that production can continue to run along the benign cycle of issuing consumption tips. On the one hand, it is necessary to avoid abnormal discharge, liquid spraying, slot bursting and other operation accidents caused by misoperation; This is a problem in many subdivisions of new materials. On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid the deterioration of process conditions caused by poor control of process indicators, which eventually leads to the "expansion" of various liquids, and it is difficult to maintain production without being discharged

2 strengthen on-site management

mainly to eliminate all kinds of running, HRB emitting, dripping and leakage, and put forward detailed requirements for all sections and teams according to the standards of leak free factories. The running, emitting, dripping and leakage that have occurred should be found and treated in time to avoid the expansion of the problem

3 improve the regulations

make timely adjustments to the equipment using water when it is out of use. For example, the cooling water of mechanical seals of various pumps is generally soft water, and sometimes a thin layer of molybdenum disulfide smooth grease is coated regularly; Regularly check the transmission state of the sprocket. The cooling water is still on when the pump is stopped. There are many other equipment using soft water or primary water. If we don't pay attention to it and let the trickle flow together, it will inevitably lead to an increase in water consumption and sewage volume

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