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The world's first high-precision ion probe equipment has been built in Australia. A scientific research and experimental equipment that can detect signs of weapons grade uranium, new ore reserves and verify early life on earth has recently been successfully built in the University of Western Australia

this high-sensitivity microscope with ultra sensitive microprobe, built in the microscopic research center of the University, has unique description and analysis functions. The center is currently the only laboratory in the world that can place two such experimental devices. At the launch ceremony, Kim Carr, Minister of innovation, industry and scientific research, said that this ultra sensitive micro ion probe will greatly improve the equipment's ability to carry out world leading scientific research

the new microprobe has the ability to detect the differences in chemical properties between different substances through the high-energy ion beam on the test sample. It can be used to track the migration trajectory of ancient extinct animals, so as to search for the reasons for their extinction

other applications also include studying the growth law of corals, so as to better understand the causes of coral albinism and climate change in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, as well as distinguish the pollution sources that cause harm

microprobes can also be used to study ancient meteorites. The switching time should be more than 5 minutes or longer to help us understand how the solar system was formed

there is only one new micro probe in the southern hemisphere and only 15 in the world

Minister Kim Carr, the potential of this equipment is vast and huge. This low-temperature tank adopts imported cascade compression mechanism cooling technology, and researchers from all over the country will be very eager to use this new equipment. For the high investment of a $6million micro probe, the Australian government has invested a $1.5 million in funding support. The government will also continue to invest in new large-scale scientific research equipment

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