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Discussion on the added value of packaging

0 blowtorch should be placed horizontally introduction

packaging is a relatively important link in the development and design, production and manufacturing of products to enter the market, and its success directly affects consumers' sense of trust and cognition of products to some extent. Packaging design is a creative work aimed at marketing, promoting the promotion and sales of products, and integrating many elements such as society, economy, art, technology, psychology and so on. Packaging design is not only to protect products from damage in the circulation process, but also to create added value for enterprises in the promotion process [1]

1 value of packaging

with the increasing formation of global economic marketization, product sales competition is becoming more and more intense, and the role of product packaging is becoming more and more important, and the value it creates is also growing

a) product packaging is to protect products from damage during production and sales. Any product may be deformed, broken, damped and polluted due to handling, storage, etc. in the process of circulation. The packaging design can solve the problem of no deformation, breakage and deterioration of the packaged goods [2]

b) product packaging can beautify goods and is conducive to product promotion. For the purpose of sales, package a part or the whole of the goods, pay attention to the role of promotion, and attract the attention of consumers with novel and beautiful outer packaging, so as to arouse consumers' desire to buy

c) product packaging spreads product information. The purpose, usage and source of the product are conveyed through the form of packaging or the graphics, texts and marks printed on the packaging, so that customers can understand the basic information and actual use value of the product when buying, and effectively guide consumers to buy

d) the added value of product packaging is implied in the value of the product, which is the specific embodiment of the product packaging effect, and is compensated in the sales process of the product. "Packaging is often more important than the products contained in it". From this sentence, we can see the significance of packaging design to create added value. What's wrong with the failure of torsion testing machine to load

e) spread corporate culture and improve brand image. Packaging design uses modern design theory, pays attention to consumer psychology research, and spreads the concept and spirit of enterprises to society and consumers through packaging, advertising and other forms, such as a large amount of plastic waste buried underground, so as to guide consumption and induce consumption, and show the social effect and value of product packaging

f) improve product grade and create economic benefits. A lot of practice has proved that the proper packaging of products, although "increases" the cost of products, will significantly stimulate consumers' desire to buy products, increase the added price of products, and also promote and increase the sales value and commercial profits of products

2 method of creating additional value in packaging design

creating additional value other than product value is the content that must be considered in packaging design. We can study and discuss it from the following aspects

a) pay attention to the absorption of local culture. "The national is the world". With the gradual formation of global economic integration, the exchange of products has become increasingly extensive. More and more attention has been paid to the research and application of local culture. Product packaging design should have its own characteristics, the most important of which is how to reflect the enterprise's own culture, which is often closely connected with the local regional culture. Therefore, the ingenious application of the rich human resources in the region to packaging design will make consumers have a good sense of trust in products [3]. For example, most of the packaging designs of alcohol products in China choose the places of interest and historical culture of the origin as the design materials, so consumers can get more trust when buying products

b) adopt new materials and processes. The current packaging design trend

is developing in the direction of original ecology. How to develop and utilize new renewable materials and Research on new process methods to further reflect the design concept of green packaging and the realization of sustainable development strategy is a topic of common concern. For example, the research on composite materials for packaging is to try to composite several materials together to make them have the excellent properties of different materials. At the same time, we should also consider the requirements of environmental protection, which is convenient for recycling and recycling enterprises to constantly expand their regulations. The required cost is reduced, which improves the added value of the product

c) appropriate packaging design. A complete package includes the overall embodiment of materials, structure, technology, design and other aspects, which should be comprehensively analyzed and considered by value engineering

1) packaging design should carefully study the best match between function and cost according to the characteristics and functional requirements of products, and choose the most economical scheme. For example, if the quality of products is different, the consumption object is different, and the place of origin of sales is different, we should choose different design schemes to reflect the personalized, international and diversified consumption characteristics

2) the packaging design should also consider eliminating some redundant functions, which will consume resources and increase the packaging cost [4]. For example, for products that are not susceptible to moisture, it is redundant to use many moisture-proof materials for sealed packaging, and the most appropriate packaging method should be selected

3) universality and standardization should also be considered in packaging design

with the further enhancement of international trade and material exchange, the universality and standardization requirements of packaging materials have attracted the attention of the packaging design community in various countries, and many packaging design standards have been formulated, which should be actively applied and implemented. For example, designing according to international packaging standards can make export products well adapt to the requirements of means of transport in the circulation process, avoid the loss of goods and economic benefits, and greatly improve work efficiency and economic benefits

3 conclusion

the research and Realization of the added value of packaging design, on the one hand, has brought more economic benefits to enterprises and society, on the other hand, it has also played a positive role in promoting global economic exchanges, the protection of the ecological environment, and the effective use of natural resources. At present, international exchanges are increasingly frequent, and the scope of product sales is also expanding. The research on how to effectively play the role of product packaging and bring more economic benefits to enterprises will be paid more and more attention by the whole society

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