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Focus on the opening of BICES 2017 annual industry event. The opening of BICES 2017 annual industry event was shocked by three hundred and fifteen highlights

focus on BICES 2017 annual industry event. The opening of BICES 2017 annual industry event was shocked by three hundred and fifteen highlights

China Construction machinery information

from September 20 to 23, the high-profile industry event - 2017 Beijing BICES exhibition was held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center. More than 1000 exhibitors and delegations from more than 30 countries gathered in Beijing and competed to make their debut

as one of the most important exhibitors of the 2017 Beijing exhibition, Sany group brought 22 host equipment of six categories of products, including concrete machinery, road construction machinery, excavation machinery, lifting machinery, piling machinery and military machinery. At the same time, Sany's hydraulic parts, intelligent control, wear-resistant parts and other 23 accessories products also participated in the exhibition. The total area of Sany exhibition hall is close to 2000m ², Located outdoors at booth S212 and S222

in this exhibition, Sany used five highlights to show its atmosphere, simplicity and international friendly brand image, which was unprecedented and attracted widespread attention from all walks of life

highlight 1: many new products of Sany are unveiled for the first time

in this exhibition, Sany's 3 distinctive first products gathered in Beijing, creating an absolutely amazing trend of innovation. The first models include military quality Sany assault fire truck, remote-control excavator with VR technology, and sany's new generation of environmental protection intelligent dump truck

in addition, innovative products also include mini excavators and mine excavators; Brand new concrete products (pump truck, trailer pump, mixer truck); Road machine products (single steel wheel roller, multi-function paver) and new upgraded products such as Sany parfiger truck crane and high-altitude shear fork platform. The above products are bound to further extend the brand image of Sany, which is atmospheric, calm and confident, and present a more intelligent, modern and international high-end brand image

highlight 2: Sany high-quality products with the functional parts of the revised "titanium dioxide industry access conditions" are concentrated in the exhibition

this exhibition, Sany also focused on showing excellent accessory capabilities. Sany Lilong hydraulic (pump, valve, motor), Zhongyang (cutting ring, spectacle plate, elbow, composite straight pipe) and Huaxing (hydraulic controller, intelligent display) and other lean accessories products, from transmission parts, vulnerable parts, to electrical control instruments, have a long growth period of cotton, showing Sany's strong R & D and manufacturing strength in the whole industrial chain, and also interpreting Sany's consistent philosophy of "everything for customers, everything comes from innovation"

highlight 3: join hands with the five business units to "set sail"

this exhibition, in order to interpret the exhibition theme of "new Sany, new sail", Sany joined hands with Sany pumping, Sany Heavy machinery, Sany Heavy machinery, Sany military industry and sany parfiger and other business units to participate in the exhibition together to show the successful transformation of Sany group through new products, new markets and new businesses

highlight 4: colorful activities add luster to the brand

this exhibition, Sany also adds luster to Sany brand through colorful activities and videos. At the exhibition, Sany also produced a series of videos to introduce Sany factory, production line, products and construction cases through beautiful pictures and beautiful music; At the same time, the five major mainframe business units participating in the exhibition also arranged a variety of videos and activities

highlight 5: Sany's new three defense flagship has been upgraded and launched.

following the launch of the first Sany mate9 three defense at the 2016 Shanghai BMW exhibition, Sany once again brought new intelligent terminal products - Sany's new three defense flagship mate9 Black Gold Edition, zirconium white edition and the newly upgraded Quantong V8s Pro Rongyu edition. Sany has inherited Sany's brand genes of high quality, high safety and high reliability, which represents Sany's bold creation of intelligent terminals in the construction machinery industry

when adopting the reaction frame, we also need to support and adjust the position device to complete the calibration. The new three proofs brought by SANY not only meet the world's top safety standard of IP68, but also are all upgraded smart communication products of 4G all in one. On the basis of the great success of the previous generation of Sany when it was first launched, the new generation of Sany three defense will undoubtedly be more expected

"double entry transformation and innovative development are the two key points we most hope you will see in this exhibition. After five years of hard work, Sany has achieved a successful transformation. Innovation is the source of enterprise development. I believe that Sany will have a better future." Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, said

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