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Focus on Intelligent Manufacturing Turk smart logistics solutions help intelligent production

on August, the high-profile Vision China 2019 Beijing machine vision helps intelligent manufacturing innovation and development theme conference was held in Beijing. Turk, who has a full range of automation products and solutions, also attended the sub Forum on intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics warehousing on August 22, and delivered a keynote speech on RFID in intelligent logistics, which attracted wide attention

the high-frequency and ultra-high frequency RFID technology currently used in the field of industrial automation is the source of intelligence and the solid foundation of industry 4.0. Using this non-contact data transmission technology, Turk's RFID products have been widely and successfully applied in the smart logistics industry: including supply chain management of off-site smart logistics applications, 1 If the speed is too high, there may be a recoil material tracking management. The automatic unloading of the intelligent logistics application in the plant does not load the vertical warehouse, the intelligent upgrading of the horizontal warehouse, the flexible conveyor line, material picking, intelligent sorting by personal efforts, RFID logistics doors, AGV car positioning, etc

Turck not only focuses on the reliable collection of bottom data, but also on front-end frames, front and rear crash beams, door modules (including rear tailgate modules), etc; Develop the communication interface between RFID system and upper management system. At present, RFID interface module supporting OPC UA has been launched. In the future, we also hope to cooperate with more enterprises that do the upper management system to create an overall RFID solution belonging to smart logistics. Make the logistics system have the ability to perceive, think, learn, reason and judge and solve some problems in logistics by itself, help users track and manage all materials from the source, make the information flow faster than the real logistics, and truly realize intelligent logistics

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