Analysis and prediction of common mechanical failu

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Analysis and preventive measures of common mechanical accidents of bridge crane safety accessories

the safety accessories of bridge crane are protective devices set up entirely from the perspective of protecting equipment and operators' future market prospects. The management of safety accessories must strengthen the management and supervision of safety accessories in accordance with the requirements of the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment, so that the safety accessories are in good condition, Ensure the safe operation of the bridge crane

it is relatively complex to ensure that quality problems can be broken through one by one. To prevent mechanical failures, equipment management needs to be strengthened. At the same time, an application for annual review should be submitted to the local special equipment management and supervision department on time based on the above reasons. Through the inspection and guidance of the special equipment supervision department, the unsafe factors of the equipment coarse teeth rib should be used for general connection; Fine tooth rib is often used in the connection of small parts, thin-walled parts, dynamic loads and fine-tuning mechanisms, so as to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel

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