Analysis and prediction of domestic methanol price

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Analysis and prediction of domestic methanol price trend on October 26th

analysis and prediction of domestic methanol price trend on October 26th

October 26th, 2018

there is no need for substrate heating during film formation. China's coastal methanol market fell. The shipment in Northwest China is smooth, and the sorting operation is smooth; Transactions in the Bohai Rim region are general, and the range is sorted out; Huaihai area trading temporarily, pushing up in a narrow range; The supply in Central China is tight and the market is strong; The repeatability of futures test is high; The latter fell in price shock, and the port market fell in weakness. Yesterday, the mainland market was stable and small, the northwest region remained stable, the maintenance in Central China was relatively concentrated, and the regional supply was tight, driving the peripheral enterprises to rise in a narrow range; Some parts of North China have been impacted by low-cost goods from other places, and the high-end prices have loosened. Chinese coatings. The downstream still shows resistance, mainly purchasing on demand. In terms of ports, methanol futures fluctuated and fell, followed by a decline in port prices, insufficient market buying, and a light atmosphere. The domestic methanol market may fluctuate in a narrow range. In the later stage, it is still necessary to pay attention to the restart of domestic methanol plants, downstream direct stripping fixtures) and other receiving conditions, port inventory, freight and futures trends, and it is recommended to operate cautiously. It shows the great potential of recyclable and degradable packaging materials in the transfer and upgrading of the express industry

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