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In the short term, the analysis and prediction of the future market of the international organic xylene market

the trend of international crude oil, MX fluctuations in the US Gulf, regional MX supply and demand, and the overall market sentiment of aromatics are still the key forces affecting the Asian xylene market. Among them, (1) analysts believe that there are five positive factors supporting oil prices at present: first, the hurricane prone season; Second, inventories continued to decrease. Last week, U.S. crude oil inventories decreased by 3.9 million barrels to 329.7 million barrels, and gasoline inventories decreased by 1.5 million barrels to 191.1 million barrels; Third, refinery failures and continuous problems in oil pipelines; Fourth, geopolitical factors tend to be tense again; Fifth, the US dollar index fell sharply, falling below the 80 integer level, and gold once stood at 700 US dollars/ounce. At the same time, the net excess orders of the fund increased by 25760 to 50938 last week. The negative factor is that the non farm payrolls released by the United States on Friday fell for the first time in four years. The inventory of Cushing for delivery has increased to 20.5 million barrels, which is currently in an upward phase, putting pressure on oil prices. This week, we will focus on the decision on whether to increase production at the OPEC meeting. (2) Driven by the sharp rise in crude oil and gasoline prices, the MX market in the US Gulf strengthened, forming a positive support for the markets in Asia and northwest Europe. (3) PX is the most direct and main downstream product of MX. The final settlement of ACP in September was 1050 US dollars/ton CFR Asia. The low level of the spot PX market fluctuated narrowly. As the price has fallen to the low point of the year, the seller holding the goods is unwilling to reduce the price and ship the goods easily. However, affected by the continuous downturn of the downstream PTA market, the enthusiasm of buyers to pursue the rise is also small, and the market sentiment is mainly wait-and-see. Due to the continued weak performance of heterogeneous MX of raw materials, but the plastic film can be bent, the sentiment of the Asian ox market is significantly low, and the price falls slightly. The immediate supply of ox in Asia is tight, but the inventory of ox in China is rising rapidly. Market participants can enter procedures according to the number and frequency of experiments, and pay attention to the possible impact of Yangzi Petrochemical's shutdown and overhaul on the market. Encouraged by the sharp rise in crude oil, a South Korean trading company focused on purchasing pure benzene, which led to a slight firming of the price of pure benzene in Asia. The toluene Market in Asia is still lifeless. On the one hand, affected by the sluggish trading, on the other hand, it continues to be hit by oversupply. Sellers are watching the trend of the toluene Market in the United States, hoping that the rise in US Gulf prices can effectively open the Asian American arbitrage export channel, so as to alleviate the degree of oversupply in Asia. (4) The profit level of PX manufacturers is normal, and the production units basically maintain full load operation. The profit level of ox manufacturers is considerable, and their enthusiasm for production is high. MX supply in Asia is still significantly oversupplied, and market rumors say that heterogeneous deep-sea goods are being shipped to Asia. On the whole, supported by the continuous recovery of the international crude oil market, the firmness of the US Gulf MX market and the stability of the downstream PX market, the decline of the Asian MX market has been controlled, and the market sentiment has slightly warmed up. The end of the bolt should slightly protrude from the nut, but the supply and demand fundamentals have not changed significantly. There is still excess supply in Asia, and market rumors say that heterogeneous deep-sea goods are being transported to Asia through bottom filling nozzles. Buyers are still cautious about inquiries, and it is difficult to establish confidence in centralized position replenishment. Therefore, the buyer and the seller are basically still in a stalemate. In the short term, the Asian MX market will maintain the characteristics of consolidation, waiting for the emergence of new news

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