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Focus: Weichai has achieved "acceleration" in 70 years.

in recent years, Weichai has taken too many "firsts". Reviewing the 70 year history of Weichai, every major leap and "first" reflects its contribution to scientific and technological innovation, the guidance of core technology, and the drive of innovation system

take you to see the world in a full range of fields

on February 13, the sixth day of the first lunar month, with the crackling sound of firecrackers, the shuttle bus full of employees slowly drove into weichairui power production base, opening the first day of work after the employees' Festival. In February, weichairui power production base continued the high-yield momentum in January, and the production tasks were relatively busy. In order to ensure order delivery, all cadres and employees decided to go to work in advance

in recent years, equipment manufacturing enterprises have been depressed all the way. While many enterprises are still wandering in the downturn, Weichai has a firm and clear-cut attitude to show its goal: to challenge the world's first in all series and fields

where does the confidence to challenge the world's first come from? The engine displacement covers 2 liters to 579 liters, the power covers 33 kW to 9000 kW, the high-speed machine and medium speed machine are developed at the same time, and the traditional energy and new energy are both emphasized... Over the past 10 years, the demand for composite materials in the global aerospace industry through independent research and development and Chain Co creation has increased significantly in the past three years - mainly due to the continuous upward production of new and existing large-scale commercial aircraft, new, international cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, etc, Relying on the R & D resources of "five countries and ten below, we should carefully learn to go underground", Weichai has become one of the few enterprises with the most complete product line in the world

the increasingly mature product layout of the whole series and all fields not only allows Weichai to calmly cope with the decline of traditional business, but also allows Weichai to extend its profitable tentacles to more market segments, making its product structure more reasonable, the business situation rising against the trend, and its profitability always leads the industry

build core competitiveness with core technology

one of the important supporting factors supporting Weichai to continuously obtain customer recognition and move towards "full series and full fields" is the industry's most stringent reliability design and manufacturing standards. On the afternoon of February 3, the State Key Laboratory of internal combustion engine reliability of Weichai group was unveiled

at the beginning of the laboratory application, some experts questioned: what advanced technology is reliability? It's better to apply for solutions such as new energy-saving technologies and lightweight materials. However, Weichai insists on spending many years and investing 550 million yuan to focus its resources on breakthroughs in key technologies in the industry such as reliability. "When benchmarking with the international industry, we found that reliability is the biggest gap between China's internal combustion engine and the world's advanced level. Moreover, the improvement of reliability is the basis and premise for energy conservation, emission reduction, lightweight and other development." Tongdehui, vice president of Weichai Power, said that today, the laboratory equipment has reached the international advanced and domestic leading level, which can meet the research needs of the reliability of internal combustion engine, the reliability of key components, reliability prediction and evaluation, and is currently the most fully functional and capable laboratory in the same industry in China

occupying the core technology of the industry has always been the principle and goal of Weichai's technological innovation. Among the many key technological advantages far ahead of competitors, powertrain optimization technology is regarded as one of the most representative technologies of Weichai

in the industry, Weichai is one of the first enterprises to build the core competitiveness of powertrain. As early as 2005, Weichai absorbed and merged Hunan torch, and has the most complete R & D and manufacturing system of commercial vehicle diesel engine, transmission and drive axle in China. Nowadays, as the most influential heavy-duty engine brand in China, Weichai Power engine has long been the first in the industry in terms of market share. The displacement of vehicle engines has covered from 2L to 13L. It has not only established R & D centers in many places in China, but also established R & D institutions in the United States, France, Germany and Italy. With the acceptance of the "national commercial vehicle powertrain engineering technology research center", Weichai is concentrating all the technical resources of the golden powertrain family and gradually establishing unmatched technical advantages in the industry

in the future, the core of the new breakthrough in vehicle performance is the powertrain. In view of the current situation of the industry, Weichai is working hard on transmission efficiency and modularization. Through the integrated matching and optimization of sub assemblies such as engine, clutch, transmission and drive axle, it can significantly improve the comprehensive performance of commercial vehicles and make commercial vehicles safer, more reliable and more environmentally friendly

innovating systems and mechanisms to release development vitality

the core behind the transformation and development of enterprises and structural adjustment is to deepen reform. The vitality and creativity released by the reform of system and mechanism have made the incremental assets of enterprises better and bigger

at the beginning of 2016, when announcing the five strategic ideas of Weichai's "13th five year plan" for scientific and technological innovation, deputies to the National People's Congress Tan Xuguang, the helmsman of Weichai group of Shandong heavy industry group, said frankly the importance of system innovation: "to build an excellent science and technology management system, we should break all the cages that restrict innovation through continuous reform; we should comprehensively establish a goal oriented management thinking to improve R & D efficiency; we should continue to reform the evaluation and incentive mechanism; and we should create an atmosphere that encourages exploration, tolerates failure, respects talents, and respects creativity."

on November 27 last year, Weichai released the new "sharp power" series of non road three-stage construction machinery. The reliability, power and economy of new products have been significantly improved, which is inseparable from the resources of Weichai's "global collaborative research and development platform". While actively creating a good atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship and stimulating the innovative vitality of internal staff, Weichai also put forward the idea of "creating an open and cooperative innovation mode and integrating global resources for my own use", and actively explored the R & D mode of "I-centered, chain innovation"

under this mode, it has successively led the establishment of "international technological innovation alliance for internal combustion engine reliability", "reliability working group of national internal combustion engine Standardization Committee", "hybrid power system working group of national internal combustion engine Standardization Committee", etc. At the same time, the experimental machine has reached the qualified use state, and a postdoctoral workstation has been established, establishing a strategic cooperative relationship with world-famous internal combustion engine enterprises and well-known scientific research institutions. In 2015, 54 member units of Weichai R & D community held a total of 85 technical exchanges and completed nearly 100 collaborative R & D tasks, which played an important role in the efficient R & D of new products and technologies of Weichai

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