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The spirit of the 8th plenary session of the 10th provincial Party committee, the national energy work conference and the provincial development and reform work conference comprehensively summarizes the energy work in 2018, carefully analyzes the energy development situation, and arranges 1. Any product that causes adverse deployment of products in a certain period of time due to transportation, use, storage, and collision and vibration. 2019 energy key work. He Xiong, director of the provincial development and Reform Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Gao Yi, deputy director of the provincial development and Reform Commission and director of the Provincial Energy Bureau, delivered an energy work report

the meeting required that the energy work in 2019 should grasp the four principles of "paying attention to structural adjustment, strengthening quality, paying attention to the bottom line of safe and stable supply, paying attention to reform and innovation, adding vitality, and paying attention to filling up, supplementing, and increasing staying power", and focus on seven aspects:

first, strengthen the organization and coordination of energy production to ensure the safe and stable supply of energy. We will accurately implement green power dispatching, continue to optimize the regulation mechanism of natural gas supply and demand, strive to stabilize the coal market, ensure the full consumption of renewable energy, and effectively ensure economic and social development and the reasonable energy demand of people's lives

second, accelerate the reform of the energy supply side and optimize the supply structure in the province. We will continue to eliminate backward coal-fired power production capacity, and shut down and transform 1.5 million kilowatts of backward coal-fired power units and units with unreasonable layout throughout the year. We will increase the use of clean energy such as biomass and natural gas, increase the installed capacity of renewable energy by 1.8 million KW, further optimize the energy supply structure in the province, and improve the quality and efficiency of energy development

third, accelerate the construction of energy export channels, and introduce clean energy from outside the province in multiple subjects, channels and directions. Focusing on expanding the scale of clean energy introduction outside the province, we will speed up the construction of clean energy access channels such as the Qingdian Henan project and the e'an Cang Puyang branch line, and build energy export channels with multiple varieties, directions and channels

fourth, promote the reform of energy consumption mode and constantly optimize the energy consumption structure. Focus on controlling the total amount of coal consumption, do a solid job in clean heating in winter, optimize the energy consumption structure in the transportation sector, and speed up the construction of a low-carbon energy consumption system

fifth, accelerate the construction of energy infrastructure and improve the level of energy supply guarantee. Strive to optimize and improve the provincial backbone and municipal backbone power, promote the construction of urban and rural power distribution, strengthen the construction of oil and gas pipelines and gas and coal storage and distribution facilities, and comprehensively improve the level of comprehensive energy security in the province

Sixth, deepen the reform and innovation in the energy field and stimulate the endogenous driving force of energy development. Take reform and innovation as the fundamental solution to the new problems and challenges facing the current energy development of the province, accelerate the reform of power system and oil and gas system, strive to make breakthroughs, solidly promote the rural energy revolution and the application of energy big data, and inject new vitality into the sustainable and healthy development of energy in our province

seventh, strengthen the safety work in the field of energy, prevent and resolve the risks of safe production. We will resolutely implement the provisions on safe production system for local party and government leading cadres, accelerate the establishment and improvement of emergency management systems and mechanisms in the energy sector, and prevent and resolve major risks in safe production in the energy sector

representatives of relevant units directly under the provincial government, cities directly under the provincial government and pilot projects directly under the provincial government, I believe that the county (city) development and Reform Commission (Energy Bureau), the branches of central energy enterprises in Henan, large provincial energy enterprises, relevant energy consulting, design, scientific research institutions and industry associations attended the meeting

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