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In recent years, the development of plastic packaging in China should focus on the following aspects: ① high barrier packaging materials suitable for food and beverage packaging, improving its protective function and extending its shelf life; ② Sterile packaging materials; ③ Heat resistant packaging materials suitable for electromagnetic stove, microwave oven heating and cooking; a. Under the operating system windows98/xp/2000 platform ④ select permeable packaging materials suitable for the storage of agricultural products such as grain; ⑤ Degradable packaging materials suitable for environmental protection; ⑥ It is suitable for instruments and materials, as well as functional packaging materials such as water absorption, deodorization, deodorization, anti-corrosion, anti-static, etc. for special purposes

Main varieties and technologies developed:

① high barrier packaging materials, multi-layer coextrusion composite packaging materials, evaporated film, fluorinated polyolefin hydrocarbon containers; ② Heat resistant plastic packaging materials. Opened to adapt to cooking packaging, microwave packaging products, multilayer composite films, inorganic filled polymer/paperboard composites; ③ Functional fresh-keeping packaging materials. Develop inorganic filling type, blending type of breathable resin, water absorbent resin type, anti condensation type, ethylene absorption type and multi-layer composite packaging materials; ④ Choose breathable packaging materials. Develop films that change the properties of films by gamma ray irradiation, films added with porous zeolite or silica and other material powders, and films made of polymers such as 131 gas Shandong new material investment projects and the dependence of diffusion coefficient on water content; ⑤ Antibacterial packaging materials; ⑥ Conductive (antistatic) packaging materials. Develop carbon containing (carbon black, carbon fiber, graphite), metal containing (Financial powder, metal oxide, financial fragmentation, financial fiber) and other types (glass beads, financial coated activated carbon) packaging materials; ⑦ Degradable plastic packaging materials. Shape determines the research and development of biodegradable and photodegradable packaging materials; ⑧ Research on recycling and utilization technology of plastic packaging waste. Focus on membrane separation technology; ⑨ Research and development of substitutes for the production of Freon with foamed plastics for packaging. According to the international environmental protection organization Montreal Protocol, China must stop the use of Freon products before 2010; (10) development and research of PVC substitutes; (11) compared with traditional automobile copper, it increased by 220% - 530% biaxial tensile technology and the development of composite substrate; (12) development of special-shaped hollow containers

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