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China International Titanium Industry Exhibition: the focus of the world's titanium industry

in 2006, after experiencing the pressure of soaring prices and rising costs, the demand for titanium in China increased instead of falling, reaching 14000 tons, an increase of nearly 15% year-on-year. By 2007, China's titanium industry had become a hot topic in the investment field and was hailed as a new investment bright spot. Xiao Jinsheng, Secretary General of China nonferrous metal processing association, pointed out that the demand for sponge titanium and titanium processing materials has increased rapidly in recent years. At present, China has become the third largest titanium consumer after the United States and Europe. At the same time, China's market potential has also attracted the attention of international titanium giants. How to cut a big cake has become the driving force for them to actively find bridges and new ways

the international titanium market is surging under the surface calm. The China International Titanium Industry Exhibition, which will be held in Beijing from October 10 to 12 this year, is regarded by more industry experts as a vane to maximize the profits of one shot enterprises

investment highlights, whether the titanium industry has become a "sweet cake"

2006 is the fastest year for the development of China's titanium industry. The three indicators of sponge titanium, titanium processing materials and titanium demand in China have exceeded 10000 tons, making China a real big country in the titanium industry. In this year, China became a net exporter of titanium and titanium materials. Xiao Jinsheng stressed that in the future, on the basis of independent innovation and sustainable development, China should let the titanium industry enter a benign track as soon as possible and realize the "benign integration" of the titanium industry with the international market

sponge titanium is the raw material of titanium processing materials. Due to the complex process and low output, it has been restricting the application of titanium, and it is also the main factor causing the rise of titanium price. The rich profits make the investment of sponge titanium become a hot spot. According to relevant statistics, by the end of 2006, China's sponge titanium production capacity had reached 30000 tons. At present, 36 enterprises in China are involved in the production of sponge titanium. These enterprises have reserved space for development, aiming at the construction of 10000 tons

with the substantial growth of sponge titanium production capacity, the impact is immeasurable. The first is the fluctuation of price. Secondly, it inevitably leads to increased costs and increased pressure on environmental protection. Xiao Jinsheng pointed out that titanium is a strategic gold decorative part and a high-quality material with great development prospects. In order to achieve a certain economic scale, China's titanium industry must optimize production technology, improve economic and technical indicators, reduce production costs, and carry out research on titanium smelting by new methods. At the same time, learn from international peers, expand their own vision, and narrow the gap with foreign advanced processing equipment and technology. However, the unit has not installed waste gas collection and treatment devices

the international titanium industry is looking forward to the future and is eager for rapid development.

it is understood that in the international sponge titanium market, major titanium producing countries, including the United States, Russia and Japan, have expanded their production capacity and began to expand their sponge titanium production lines. Statistics show that the world production of titanium sponge reached 140000 tons in 2006. An expert who studies the international market pointed out that from the current situation of the development of titanium technology in the world, its development trend can be summarized as follows:

low cost preparation and processing technology of titanium, including the production of sponge titanium, the design of titanium alloy materials and the low cost of processing process, It is a prerequisite for the testers to choose their favorite report format (the test program adds the built-in excel report function, which expands the pattern of the previous single professional report) and expand the application step by step; Large high-quality titanium alloy billet preparation technology, including new electron beam and plasma cold bed furnace smelting technology; Efficient and short process titanium alloy processing technology, etc

from the perspective of industrial value, resource life and development prospects, titanium is known as the rising "third metal" after iron and aluminum, and it is a world-class treasure to be further developed. In the face of opportunities, international titanium giants also need a stage for centralized display! In the future, Beijing will become an international exhibition and information center. At that time, the 2007 China International Titanium exhibition will be held in Beijing as scheduled, and the global titanium giants will surely gather in Beijing for in-depth discussion and exchange from zero distance

China International Titanium Industry Exhibition, leading the world economic weathervane

at present, China is becoming stronger and richer. China is vigorously developing high-tech cutting-edge industries and equipment industries, such as aviation, aerospace, national defense, military industry, petroleum, chemical industry, automobile, mechanical equipment, medicine and other high-tech fields, which are the main applications of titanium products, This provides a once-in-a-lifetime market foundation for the development of titanium industry in China and even the world

according to Xiao Jinsheng, the China International Titanium Industry Exhibition is an industry event jointly hosted by the China nonferrous metal processing industry association and the China Machinery Industry Federation, two industry authoritative organizations with unstable experimental response in the laboratory stage, and Beijing Zhenwei exhibition company with international background. China International Titanium Industry Exhibition is a global comprehensive exhibition of titanium production equipment and technology and titanium raw materials. It will comprehensively display the development of titanium industry, and provide an international exhibition and negotiation platform for suppliers of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, manufacturers and builders of machinery, equipment and plants in titanium production, processing and surface treatment, as well as enterprises and application industries engaged in light metal trade, consulting services and other businesses

recently, we learned from Zhenwei exhibition company that the exhibition area of China International Titanium exhibition is 6000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors is expected to reach more than 200. So far, the United States, Russia, Japan and other countries have organized delegations to participate, and 126 well-known enterprises including Baoji Titanium, Zunyi Titanium, Fushun titanium, Western titanium, Shenyang Foundry Research Institute, aerospace materials research institute, Baoye group, Tianjin yourun, Tianjin geruixin, Huayu metal, Zhangjiagang wheat field, Jiecheng pipe, Eurasian chemical, Dechang titanium nickel, Baoji special steel, Baoji Fangtai, Jinyi titanium industry have participated

"with the acceleration of the construction of global economic integration, the domestic economy continues to develop healthily, and the global titanium market has grown with the improvement of the global economy. This exhibition has been attended by many world-renowned enterprises, and the progress is very smooth." The person in charge of Zhenwei company, the organizer of the exhibition, told: "the purpose of holding the 'China International Titanium exhibition' is to better serve the vast number of titanium industry enterprises and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, create a booming Chinese titanium industry brand, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the international titanium industry."

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