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Focus on May 17 Telecom day UFIDA empowers the new future of digital intelligence in enterprise communications. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Department of international cooperation of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the theme of world telecommunication and information society day on May 17, 2021 is determined as: accelerating digital transformation in challenging times. In recent years, due to the outbreak and spread of covid-19 (covid-19) pneumonia, global communications has developed new opportunities in the crisis and opened a new chapter in the changing situation. Facing many challenges, we also face great opportunities. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) pointed out that the covid-19 (covid-19) crisis highlighted the key role of ICT in the sustainable operation of society, and also provided opportunities to promote the national ICT development strategy and smart policies to encourage investment, cooperation and partnership, and to use a series of new technologies such as AI and 5g to achieve service upgrading and continue to promote digital transformation. VHDL language is bound to occupy a more important position in the EDA field

at the same time, China issued the 14th five year plan and the outline of long-term goals for 2035. The outline proposes to meet the digital era, activate the potential of data elements, promote the construction of a network power, accelerate the construction of a digital economy, a digital society and a digital government, and drive the transformation of production methods, lifestyles and governance methods with digital transformation as a whole. Looking forward to the future, digital transformation will become the only way for many enterprises, and the digital transformation of the world economy will become the general trend

at present, the society is in the era of digital intelligence business, and digital intelligence has developed from a future trend into a necessary option. From informatization to digital intelligence to digitalization, every development and innovation of UFIDA affects the neural network of enterprise service innovation, evolving from ERP to BiP (business innovation platform), deepening the construction of yonbip platform, and creating a new potential of digital economy. In recent years, China's communication industry has achieved leapfrog development and rapidly grown into an important engine to drive scientific and technological innovation and a key support to promote the digital transformation of economic society. In the field of communication, UFIDA has been paying close attention to and committed to the development of new technologies and new formats in the field of communication, and reshaping the new form of communication services. Yonbip based yonyou communication cloud has a blue ocean development prospect, from mobile resale to cloud communication, to the comprehensive application of IOT and 5g, and the future is expected

as the first batch of mobile virtual operators in China, UFIDA successfully completed the pilot task of mobile resale, and obtained the official commercial license of mobile resale business issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2019, and the resale business was officially launched. At present, the business covers many provinces and cities across the country, has hundreds of thousands of mobile users, and has built an operation and management platform based on mobile resale business. Unlike other virtual operators, UFIDA carries out differentiated development routes. With mobile resale as the base, we will widely develop cloud communication, IOT, 5g and other related communication services. Focus on 5g technology, lay out the IOT ecosystem, and the way to enable and eliminate is to start the oil pump and land more IOT application scenarios to meet different market needs. For example, yonlink UFIDA, a comprehensive solution for the whole industry chain sales ecosystem, is a cloud service that integrates PC, mobile terminals, mobile applications, and communication capabilities. It is oriented to enterprise marketing and service scenarios, and solves the problems of enterprise data security, marketing process management, and marketing efficiency improvement in Enterprise marketing and service scenarios, focusing on providing enterprises with a complete sales process management solution

5g therefore, the mechanical property reduction technology will be widely used in various industries, especially in the industrial field, to promote enterprises to achieve commercial innovation. As the product of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, industrial interconnection has become a new track for leading enterprises to compete. The new direction of industrial layout will occupy a key position in the second half of the competition in the era of interconnection between power battery suppliers and corresponding positive and negative material suppliers. The IOT connection platform (CMP) of UFIDA communications, the IOT device management platform (DMP) of UFIDA, the application management platform (AEP) and industrial big data analysis platform (BAP) of smart industrial interconnection platform form a relatively complete industrial interconnection platform ecosystem. Combine 5g edge computing and network slicing technology to realize massive industrial IOT communication and equipment management system, industrial mechanism model and big data analysis, and provide integrated and complete operation and management services for industrial enterprises

in 2021, UFIDA will focus on 5g news (5g-rcs), as a new entry for enterprise digital intelligence, and the emergence of 5g-rcs will change the business model and layout of enterprise services. 5g message is a comprehensive upgrade of SMS business. It realizes a leap in business experience based on IP technology, supports more media formats and richer forms of expression. At present, UFIDA communication cloud has worked closely with Chinatelecom and China Mobile to develop 5g-rcs application service platform. At the same time, combined with UFIDA's many government and enterprise industry applications, it has designed a number of enterprise application scenarios. Later, it will release yonbuilder for 5g-rcs (i.e. 5g message low code development platform) in combination with yonbip's platform capabilities to build a larger 5g application ecosystem

as an innovator in the field of integrated communication, UFIDA actively develops ecological cooperation in the field of communication, and has successively joined the virtual operation branch of China Communications Enterprise Association, 5g message working group, 5g application industry matrix, China Telecom 5g industry innovation alliance, China Mobile IOT alliance, etc. At the same time, gather communication ecological partners, carry out extensive cooperation with the three major operators (China Unicom, China Mobile and Chinatelecom), attract many communication ecological chain enterprises to join them, and jointly build UFIDA communication cloud ecosystem

the Ministry of industry and information technology recently released the draft of the 5g application sailing action plan (year). According to the plan of the Ministry of industry and information technology, double breakthroughs in the depth and breadth of 5g applications in key areas will be achieved by 2023. With the help of 5g Dongfeng, UFIDA will vigorously develop 5g applications, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of communication digitalization, continue to maintain innovation, and the future is more promising

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