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Focus on lifting for 40 years, Fudiao Jinzhong leads the technical pioneer

focus on lifting for 40 years, Fudiao Jinzhong leads the technical pioneer

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Guide: one day, the order amount is as high as 50million, seven months, five new products come out, and two years, there are more than 100 dealers. This is Jinzhong speed. The three-day truth and win-win cooperation 2012 Jinzhong 2012 national customer annual conference and new product promotion conference were held in Shenyang. On December 18, general manager of Fudiao Jinzhong

1 day, the order amount is as high as 50million. In 7 months, five new products have been launched, and in 2 years, there are more than 100 dealers. This is Jinzhong speed

the three-day "true feelings together, that is, the normal win 2012 Jinzhong 2012 national customer annual conference and new product promotion conference" was held in Shenyang. On December 18, ye Shusheng, the general manager of Jinzhong, said, "you created Jinzhong speed and will continue to create!" The staff present and dealers from all over the country were excited about it

"the truck crane acting for Jinzhong has become our family business. Our two generations have witnessed the growth and development of Jinzhong for 40 years." A dealer from Fudiao Jinzhong said to him that the capital support of Fudiao and the technical strength of Jinzhong have put Fudiao Jinzhong on the fast track of development. I am still surprised that this promotion will launch five new products at once, covering the range of 20-70 ton products

the dealer's surprise was not unreasonable. It was learned that in just seven months since the launch of the five new product R & D plans of "qy20ns, qy25n5s-i, qy35n5y, qy55n5s and qy70n5y" in March this year, the "most dynamic independent R & D and innovation team" rated by Jinzhou City has broken through technical difficulties one by one and successfully raised the rated lifting capacity of the truck crane of Fudiao Jinzhong to 70 tons. In addition, the new type of qy20f truck crane with 5-SECTION boom and counterweight moving backward is unique in the industry. The five section main boom is designed with hexagonal cross-section and adopts double cylinder multi-core rubber hose to realize sequential and synchronous expansion. The rear moving counterweight can improve the performance of the whole vehicle by 3%

fudiaojin, based on independent innovation, has never stopped in technological exploration. In the 1980s, Jinzhong created the history of China's truck cranes with 8-ton truck cranes, filling the market gap. Nowadays, from the perspective of global operation, Fudiao Jinzhong not only successfully realizes the distribution area layout in China, but also radiates to surrounding countries, and successfully exports to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Russia, North Korea and some countries in Africa

however, this year, the sales volume of Fudiao Jinzhong reached a new high and successfully doubled year-on-year. It is reported that Fudiao Jinzhong has the annual output value of 22. The equipment should not be placed near the place with high temperature or sunshine exposure, with the ability of 0 billion yuan. Last year, the three R & D platforms established by Fudiao Jinzhong, Jinzhou, Dalian and Fushun realized the organic integration of technical forces. In May this year, a strategic cooperation alliance was implemented with Jiefang special chassis factory. In September, "Fudiao Jinzhong truck crane medium and large tonnage industrialization core competitiveness project" was successfully funded by the government

but if it is used too frequently, "the development of Fudiao Jinzhong requires continuous technological innovation and precise market positioning, and we are committed to the high, precision and cutting-edge technology." Ye Shusheng said that at present, there are obvious differences in domestic demand for truck cranes. Large tonnage truck cranes with large lifting weight, lifting height and greater range are a trend, but crawler cranes, cranes with off-road performance, environmental protection and energy saving cranes are also market demand. This requires the accuracy of product market positioning

experts said that with the frequent signals of foreign engineering crane enterprises attacking the Chinese market, the process of internationalization of the domestic market is accelerating, and the industry business environment is also undergoing profound and comprehensive changes, and the industry competition will be more intense. The optimal allocation of capital, talents, technology, management, scale and other resources is the way for the sustainable development of China's engineering cranes

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