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Focus on improving core competitiveness - corporate culture training for employees of commercial vehicle sales department

the problem of ecological "white pollution" is becoming more and more serious

focus on improving core competitiveness - corporate culture training for employees of commercial vehicle sales department

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corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise and the standard of the enterprise industry, It is the power of harmonious development of enterprises. Corporate culture is closely related to the cultural quality of employees. Improving the quality of employees and strengthening the construction of team culture have become the first priority of corporate culture construction. To this end, the Commercial Vehicle Sales Department invited Lei Wenna, the corporate culture trainer of the group company, to carry out a corporate culture training activity to guide high-level 6 professionals equipped with precision reading scales and new materials to accelerate the gathering of employees to the enterprise on December 9, 2019

from culture to the country, family and individual to culture to the enterprise, the trainer led you to review the entrepreneurial development process of heavy truck. Heavy truck people created many firsts by working hard and self-reliance. A story that makes customers satisfied, "the record of after-sales service of SINOTRUK Argyle", lets everyone know that only if we are not afraid of difficulties and dangers, dare to overcome difficulties, treat customers as relatives, and make the impossibility of others possible, can we win the first place. In order to make the corporate culture training not a mere formality, each employee carried out the corporate culture landing action on site, and carried out smart target evaluation and corporate culture test

through the third training, all employees of commercial vehicle sales department can understand the connotation of corporate culture from a simple recognition level. Only by continuously improving the service and product quality and making "customer satisfaction our purpose" real can we achieve the grand goal of "building sinotruk into a world-class commercial vehicle group"

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