DIY mix and match style single mm self decorated 5

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Comments from netizens: I finally bought a second-hand dwelling with a construction area of 52 square meters in May 2009. So the decoration process of nearly 4 months began. Buying a house is full of twists and turns. I believe that all friends who see and buy a house this spring will experience it. Speaking of it, the process of buying this small house is simply “ Rob a house ”. From buying a house to decoration, all kinds of hard work &hellip& hellip;

origin international solid wood furniture is like this as soon as it enters the door. The sofa is IKEA, which is a sofa bed. When necessary, it can be turned into a small double bed

the living room is not big. Most of the furniture is old. The table is also IKEA. It is two meters long. I like it very much




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