Multifunctional Yuba knowledge set

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Guide: multifunctional Yuba refers to a small household appliance for bathing that integrates lighting, ventilation and other functions on the basis of the basic functions of Yuba. Make the bathroom ceiling layout more simple. Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to choose, match, maintain and clean the multi-functional Yuba correctly

classification of multi-function Yuba

according to different functional modules, it is divided into: Lighting + lamp heating, lamp heating + ventilation, lamp heating + wind heating, wind heating + ventilation

classification diagram:

left: lamp heating + wind heating function Yuba right: wind heating + ventilation function Yuba

left: lamp heating + lighting function Yuba right: lamp heating + ventilation function Yuba

according to different installation methods, it is divided into: wall mounted Yuba Ceiling embedded Yuba

classification diagram:

left: wall mounted multifunctional Yuba right: ceiling embedded multifunctional Yuba

evaluation means of multifunctional Yuba

1. Evaluate the power of Yuba, its heating and lighting effects

2. Evaluate the heat resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance of Yuba

3. Evaluate the safety of Yuba, mainly evaluating the insulation




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