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RT Mart Youxian fully uses biodegradable plastic bags to actively develop "green logistics"

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core tip: RT Mart Youxian was established on July 7 this year to actively respond to national policies to develop "green logistics". In all operations, logistics and environmental protection are given priority. Unlike other e-commerce providers, RT Mart Youxian fully uses biodegradable plastic bags for commodity devices, and does not consider using corrugated boxes

[China Packaging News] from the rise of e-commerce to the outbreak of the new retail revolution, logistics always plays an important role. As a "big express country" at the forefront of self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproof coiled material jc840 (1) 999, China's annual logistics order volume is increasing rapidly, with the increase of circular arc synchronous gear belt. According to the 2016 China Express development index report, in 2016, China's express business volume exceeded 31.2 billion for the first time, equivalent to nearly 23 express packages per capita per year. By 2018, it will continue to increase to 50billion packages

the astonishing figures show the rapid development of logistics, followed by a series of environmental protection problems. According to the data, the express packaging box uses a ton of paper, needs to use 20 trees with 20-40 years of age, and consumes 1500 liters of fuel. An ordinary express box will not weigh more than 50g, but the back of the box consumes 2000g of water and wood. In view of the current situation, the circulation department of the Ministry of Commerce officially issued the guidelines for the green development of green warehousing, distribution and packaging in April 2016, which included vigorously promoting the green packaging of e-commerce logistics into the action plan for the standardization of trade logistics, and enabled the implementation of green logistics packaging through the implementation of the pilot demonstration project of trade logistics standardization. With the rapid development of Internet, the major Internet e-commerce enterprises are undoubtedly the major consumers of carton packaging, and they have almost reached a consensus on green environmental protection. In recent years, major e-commerce companies have made attempts in logistics and environmental protection. Most of them have adopted the activities of express carton recycling, which can be used for many times. However, the effectiveness of various recycling activities is not obvious

RT Mart Youxian was established on July 7 this year, actively responding to the national policy to develop "green logistics". In all operations, logistics environmental protection is given priority. Unlike other e-commerce providers, RT Mart Youxian fully uses biodegradable plastic bags for commodity devices, and does not consider using corrugated boxes. It is understood that RT Mart Youxian Yangpu store currently has more than 1000 orders per day. Calculated according to the order volume as the experimental force increases, Yangpu store will produce 365000 orders a year. If each carton is calculated according to 50g, using biodegradable plastic bags for the same order volume will save 730 tons of water and wood than using paper boxes!!! In the future, if all 370 RT Mart stores in China open RT mart's excellent fresh food business and logistics do not use cartons, 6752.2 tons of cartons will be saved every year, which is equivalent to protecting 135050 old trees. It is understood that compared with traditional plastic bags, degradable plastic bags can save 70% of oil energy consumption, and can degrade naturally in about 150 days, causing much less pollution to the environment. "RT mart's excellent fresh mode is also different from ordinary e-commerce. We mainly focus on fresh food, cooked food and fast-moving consumer goods, and provide 1-hour rapid delivery service for customers within 3 kilometers around the store. After customers place orders, we will use special future research and reusable incubators on how to enter the industrial chain to ensure that the goods delivered to customers are fresh and keep the original temperature. This also means It means that we don't need logistics cartons packed layer by layer. Ordinary cartons can't meet the requirements of fresh packaging. " The staff of RT Mart Youxian marketing department said that due to the special requirements of fresh food for logistics, on the other hand, RT Mart Youxian does not need cartons for logistics express. Biodegradable plastic bags can fully meet the logistics needs, which most e-commerce can not do

it is reported that the public comment period of the Interim Regulations on express delivery (Draft for comments) has ended recently, and there is a voice that "it is suggested to change the encouragement of the use of environmentally friendly packaging into a mandatory obligation". No matter what form it is, everyone is constantly exploring ways to solve the environmental protection problems in the logistics industry. RT Mart Youxian follows the tradition that RT Mart has a high sense of society, participates in environmental protection in its own way, and practices "green logistics". In the future, it is also possible to work with all walks of life to explore new ideas for environmental protection

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