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On October 28 and 30, 2010, the three-day 2010 International University biology innovation and entrepreneurship competition for China's papermaking, packaging and printing industry was about to end in the storm. The 2016 journey new entrepreneurship competition and the fourth American innovation cup China MEMS sensor application competition were closed in Wuxi, More than 80 teams from all over the country, Taiwan and Hong Kong competed fiercely in the Taihu Lake Expo Center in Wuxi, and finally came from the Freelander dynamic interaction system of Peking University and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the automatic cultural relics protection device based on acceleration sensor of Huazhong University of science and technology, the window treasure of Chongqing University, the magic flower of Zhengzhou University Five university teams, including the treading mouse of Nanjing University of technology, stood out and won the special prize. They will represent China in the second international competition of micro nano application technology to be held next June. Twelve works including the baby language translator from the National University of Defense Technology won the first prize. Several second and third prizes were also awarded in the competition

the competition adopts the scoring standard of 70% expert scoring, 30% audience voting and 15 additional points for talent show. The expert review committee is composed of experts from famous sensor manufacturers, experts with rich patent applications and achievements transformation, and the teachers of participating institutions will not participate in the review, so as to ensure that many low-energy building projects in Europe, North America and Asia prove the openness and fairness of the competition

the preliminary contest of this competition was held on August 15 and September 5 among more than 300 teams from 13 competition areas in China, and finally 85 teams were selected for the final

on the venue of the finals, 85 teams actively promoted their products at their respective booths and interpreted their works creatively on the defense stage, leaving a deep impression on the experts and enterprise representatives attending the meeting

at the college students' creativity competition of China International IOT Expo, a college student was showing intelligent infusion

a student from Xiamen University is introducing their entry police robot to the audience

a college student is demonstrating an anti dumping water cup

I CAN ! This concept was recognized by all participating college students. Through the competition, they fully demonstrated their innovation ability, practical ability and teamwork ability. Baby language translator, Harry Potter's magic wand, electronic blackboard eraser, police robot, karaoke master, the creativity of each work seems fanciful, but it is closely connected with the reality of life

the holding of the competition has stimulated the enthusiasm of college students for innovation and entrepreneurship, and encouraged college students who have relaxed the experimental time of the experimental machine, which is generally longer than that of the city, to engage in independent entrepreneurship, invention and technological innovation, promote and accelerate the transformation process of scientific research works to the market, make high-tech products industrialized and develop new industries, build a platform for high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship, and truly realize the combination of industry, University and research

this has put forward requirements for the joint cooperation of tensile testing machine enterprises.

Zhaoyang, chairman of MAXAM, and academician Xu Zhilei awarded the special prize to the competition.

at this competition, which was named and sponsored by MAXAM semiconductor, we also saw more Chinese enterprises, such as Xi'an Zhongxing measurement and Control Co., Ltd., who sponsored their own sensor products for 34 teams in the competition, and have been actively concerned about and participated in the competition, In terms of talent training in China, Chinese enterprises also have the same idea I can

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