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Rongyun uses the "Ark" service to protect customer application security in an all-round way

security is a core issue that is always accompanied by enterprise development and has attracted much attention from the industry. With security and reliability as its core positioning, rongyun has continuously provided im instant messaging and real-time audio and video communication cloud services for global developers and enterprises. At the same time, it has launched five service systems: rock, brocade bag, ark, Rubik's cube and Linglong. As a communication security service, ark service has aroused heated discussion about cloud security in the industry

in the current society, more and more business information begins to be transmitted and communicated through the Internet. If an important negotiation content is stolen, it is likely to cause immeasurable economic losses to both parties. Similar security issues such as privacy leakage may have been tortured since the prism gate incident. In addition, illegal users spread violence and pornography through chat, live broadcast, short video and other applications, leading to repeated bans on the closure and rectification of enterprises and platforms. What's more, the new fraud methods that have been derived constantly, such as e-commerce platform fleece, live broadcast platform brush volume, social networking platform brush powder, network fraud and other black ash production attacks with false account numbers as the core resources, have made e-commerce, live broadcast, social networking, o2o, air travel and other industries one after another hit, becoming the hardest hit area of black ash production. Thus, once the security guarantee is missing, the perfect system architecture will be in vain

in response to various security issues such as information disclosure, information fraud and platform content health, as a systematic security service, ark takes it as its own responsibility to solve customers' concerns, and provides end-to-end encryption, a source level encryption solution, and Internet communication security services such as content audit, anti black industry and anti fraud to customers with high security requirements. It provides double protection and prevention from technical support to professional teams

message end-to-end encryption source level encryption solution

for users with high standard security requirements, rongyun provides message end-to-end encryption services to dispel these customers' security concerns about the public cloud with source level encryption solutions. Customers can choose the most cost-effective encryption algorithm according to their own business security level needs, taking into account both efficiency and security

the scheme adopts the message end-to-end encryption method. The key of the client server's storage key is based on the session dimension. The session ID is extracted from the hash value to generate a 256 bit dynamic key, which is deployed on the client server. For example, when user a sends a message to B, each message will hold a one-to-one corresponding dynamic key. The message encrypts and decrypts the transmitted message at the sender and receiver. Rongyun is only responsible for transit. The key is stored on the client's own server and is self-contained throughout the process. That is to say, even rongyun itself will never be able to crack the content of the message and provide customers with high guaranteed worry free services throughout the process

content audit service ensures the health and safety of content platforms

with the rise of diversified Internet traffic portals such as mobile social networking and live broadcasting platforms, user content production has become the core development model of these enterprises, but the attendant content security issues related to pornography, violence and politics have become increasingly prominent. To help customers put an end to such bad information, rongyun ark provides content audit services for this purpose

content audit service. Rongyun can accurately filter bad information in text, pictures, audio and video, help customers effectively avoid operational risks, and ensure the health and safety of the content platform. In addition, the service provides a dual guarantee of machine audit and manual audit. Users can use it at the same time or choose one of them according to their own conditions

in terms of computer audit, ark is delivered to customers in the form of SaaS. With its core advantages of 100 million level data accumulation, personalized system strategy configuration, daily 10 million level data processing and 7x24 hours of intelligent monitoring, ark is suitable for customers with a large amount of messages and no high audit requirements for generated content; In terms of human audit, ark has a 7x24 emergency response mechanism, and professional manual preliminary audit, review and quality inspection links can timely handle emergencies to ensure the accuracy of content audit. It is applicable to customers who have high requirements for business content audit and do not have their own audit team. From the computer audit to the human audit, cards are set up at all levels to help customers avoid illegal operation risks such as pornography, violence and politics, and ensure the health and safety of the content platform

anti fraud service build a multi-directional anti fraud product ecosystem with cost-effective products that meet the needs of users.

in the field of anti fraud services, research has found that black and gray products mostly use the marketing logic in enterprise operations to carry out attacks, but they can never bypass the registration, account login and other links. In view of this feature, ark has built a multi-directional anti fraud product system through sufficient data mining, combined with complex network technologies such as number portrait, IP portrait, device fingerprint, man-machine identification, which can effectively deal with fraud issues in business scenarios, including account security, marketing activity security, traffic fraud, crawler library collision, etc

Portrait service No.

. Rongyun can help customers identify non natural person numbers in the account system, provide rich portrait services for risk numbers, and provide customers with a reliable basis for judging risk control strategies with the help of a 70million black product number database covering China and 4million black product number data covering overseas. Before the risk occurs, it can take the lead in identifying fraud risks such as false registration, Bill swiping, loan fraud, and wool picking, and help enterprises reduce unnecessary economic losses through different interception strategies. According to customers' needs, rongyun can provide SaaS services and offline deployment. The pure black database of SaaS is updated in real time, with a year-on-year decrease of 18.26%. For offline deployment, the data is pulled locally through the online API in real time, and queried and judged locally. The database can be updated every hour

ip portrait service. By accurately judging whether the IP is owned by a fraud gang at a certain time point, ark can capture dynamic malicious IP in real time and provide anti fraud IP risk labels, which can fundamentally help enterprises identify anti fraud risk problems such as crawling, library collision, and wool picking, and increase the cost of black ash production. Compared with similar products in the market where BDO device II series of Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua chemical project has entered the stage of full commissioning, it has achieved a qualitative breakthrough in data accuracy and availability. The IP portrait data of rongyun has high interpretability, low misjudgment rate and strong timeliness. This service also has two ways: SAAS and offline deployment. The malicious dynamic IP databases of the two ways can be updated every hour, which is more suitable for large customers with their own risk control system and security team

account security protection service. This service is designed to help customers identify and solve the risk fraud in account registration and login. With its rich black industry big data and risk control technology, rongyun provides account security solutions, mainly develops risk control strategies for different business scenarios, and quickly responds to and accurately identifies five core risk behaviors: small number registration, garbage registration, stolen number login, database collision attack and violent attack. The service is provided in the form of SAAS and is applicable to small and medium-sized customers who do not have a security risk control team and are in urgent need of solving the problem of business fraud, especially those on the wired platform

the way is one foot high and the devil is one foot high. The game between the enterprise and the attacker in the security field has never ended. Rongyun hopes that the scientific and technological achievements will be brought to the right path rather than become a technological war used by criminals. Ark service adheres to the end-to-end message encryption, content audit, black industry and fraud prevention, and builds a three-dimensional security strategy system for customers in an all-round way. We have reason to believe that rongyun, a secure and reliable global Internet communication cloud manufacturer, will serve customers with continuously upgraded quality, protect customers' healthy ecology in a multi-dimensional way, and protect customers' sustainable operation growth

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