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Obvious advantages of round pressing and bronzing since the first high-tech round pressing and bronzing machine was launched at drupa printing Expo in 1995, its obvious technical advantages are gradually recognized by the signal industry that will be output by the load sensor, and will become a new investment hotspot in the packaging and printing industry in the near future. Its obvious technical advantages are shown in the following aspects:

1. the production efficiency has been significantly improved

now. The maximum speed of the sheet fed circular pressing and bronzing machine has reached 12000 sheets/hour, and the holographic hot stamping speed has reached 8500 sheets/hour; The speed of Web bronzing machine is 150m/min, and that of holographic hot stamping is 120m/min. The maximum speed of the traditional flat press bronzing machine is only about 6000 sheets/hour. Thus, the improvement of its efficiency is very obvious

2. the quality of large area hot stamping and small text hot stamping is excellent

1020mm × 720mm folio paper, for example, adopts the flat press hot stamping method. If the hot stamping area exceeds 50% of its total area, it is almost impossible to complete the hot stamping at one time. There are two reasons: first, it is very difficult to pad the plate. The more the number of bronzing plates, the more difficult it is to pad the plate; Second, the embossing area can not get the due pressure. If it is forcibly reached, it is easy to cause overload, thus shortening the service life of the machine and reducing the accuracy. Therefore, in the flat press hot stamping, we often use the way of reducing the mosaic to achieve the required pressure. If the proportion of hot stamping area in the whole layout exceeds a certain range, many manufacturers use the method of multiple hot stamping. But in any case, a large area of hot stamping in the hot stamping area of the bubble burst can not be eliminated. Therefore, many packaging and printing plants prefer to use inefficient circular press bronzing machines if they encounter such large-area hot stamping products, in order to achieve better quality results. For small text and fine texture, due to the lack of pressure in the local area of flat press hot stamping, it can not be compared with the round press and round press hot stamping

round press hot stamping is line contact, and its pressure can reach the pressure level of round press round hot stamping, but the speed is too slow, only 3000 sheets/hour. Therefore, its application in mass production will be limited

round stamping is line contact. Therefore, although the axial end pressure between the bronzing cylinder and the stamping cylinder is not very large, the pressure acting on the unit area of the hot stamping area is quite large. The biggest advantage of circular hot stamping is that it not only solves the pressure problem of large-area hot stamping, but also eliminates the bubble problem, and ensures the hot stamping quality of small text and fine texture. These advantages are beyond the reach of the above two bronzing methods

3. small vibration and low noise

since there is no reciprocating motion during round pressing and hot stamping, the vibration during operation is much smaller than that of the other two methods. The rotation mode not only makes it possible to increase the stamping speed, but also makes the noise very low after nearly doubling the stamping speed

4. accurate positioning of holographic hot stamping

due to the particularity of the structure of the circular pressing and bronzing machine, it is possible to read and locate each holographic mark in holographic hot stamping independently, instead of just reading one of the marks in a string of holographic marks as in flat pressing and hot stamping. This difference in reading and positioning determines the difference in hot stamping accuracy between the two. The advantages of the circular pressing and stamping machine in terms of holographic hot stamping accuracy are very obvious. The circular pressing and stamping method has been widely used in the holographic standard on the euro

5. saving electrochemical aluminum foil

saving electrochemical aluminum foil has two meanings: one is the arrangement of holograms, and the other is how much electrochemical aluminum foil can be used in common bronzing

in advanced round pressing and hot stamping, it is unnecessary to consider the relationship between the distance between holograms and the blocking of hot stamping plates. It can be tested according to the performance and requirements of non-metallic materials. How big can this experimental machine test? Therefore, the technical personnel of Jinan Shijin Xiaobian consulting company got the answer to reduce the distance between the two holograms as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of saving electrochemical aluminum foil. The high-precision reading system can even automatically delete the wiring in the holographic foil roll

in common bronzing, the computer can automatically calculate the best skip mode matching the machine speed, and even achieve that the remaining waste edge of one hot stamping area and the next hot stamping area is only 2mm. It is obvious that round pressing and hot stamping can save electrochemical aluminum foil. According to statistics, some European manufacturers can save up to 30% of electrochemical aluminum foil

6. the modular design creates a larger imagination space for customers

the bronzing unit and embossing unit of the circular pressing and bronzing machine can be combined arbitrarily, which can adapt to different product structures. Even the quality control system can be installed on the bronzing machine, that is, two paper receiving units can be set, one receiving genuine products and the other receiving waste products rejected by the quality control system. In this way, all the printed sheets in the genuine paper receiving pile are genuine and can be directly sent to the next process for processing without manual inspection

7. the new member of the round press bronzing machine - Web bronzing machine

because its main core parts - electrochemical aluminum foil coil supply part and hot stamping part adopt the same patent design, the precision and hot stamping quality of the web bronzing machine can be consistent with that of the single sheet paper round press bronzing machine

web bronzing machine can complete some tasks that sheet fed bronzing machine cannot complete, such as tipping paper hot stamping

2017 this new web bronzing machine can be configured as follows: roll to roll, roll to sheet, roll to die cutting, etc

8. common bronzing and holographic bronzing can be completed at one time

because the hot stamping temperature of the circular pressing bronzing machine is significantly higher than that of the flat pressing bronzing machine (200-250 ℃), and under the effect of high pressure, and many electrochemical aluminum foil manufacturers have successively launched electrochemical aluminum foil suitable for the circular pressing high-speed bronzing machine, it is no longer a problem to complete the common bronzing and holographic bronzing at one time

due to the obvious advantages of the round pressing and bronzing technology in the above aspects, it can be predicted that the round pressing and bronzing method will soon gain its corresponding market and bring greater economic benefits to customers

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