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The logistics robot R & D market led by rookies deserves attention

recently, the Ministry of science and technology announced the 2018 national key R & D plan "intelligent robot" key special projects, involving many industry fields. Among them, the future logistics robot will be exclusively developed by rookies. Recently, the Ministry of science and technology announced 2 key special projects of intelligent robots in the national key R & D plan in 2018, which not only need to fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process, but also involve many industry fields. Among them, the future logistics robot will be exclusively developed by rookies

logistics robot refers to the robot used in warehouse, sorting center, transportation and other scenarios, such as goods transfer and handling. At present, China's logistics industry is making efforts to transform from labor-intensive to technology intensive, and upgrade from traditional mode to modernization and intelligence, accompanied by the application and popularization of various advanced technologies and equipment. At present, intelligent robots with the functions of handling, palletizing and sorting have become a hot spot in the logistics industry

in the past five years, the average annual growth of logistics robots has exceeded 20%. In 2018, the market scale of AGV was nearly 19000 units. Then, as JD, Amazon and Alibaba can finally get the torque change angle curve under different tensile loads, e-commerce giants such as Shentong and SF also lead the way in greatly increasing the size of sorting robots, AGVs and unmanned warehouses, smart logistics has become the general trend of the popular logistics industry. As an essential technical equipment to promote the development of smart logistics, logistics robots are showing great vitality with the help of the east wind of the development of smart logistics

in the long run, with the demand of domestic logistics industry for improving logistics efficiency, the application market of logistics robots will be further improved. Automated logistics, e-commerce and express companies will become the three engines for the rapid development of the logistics warehousing automation industry, and the entire market space may reach more than 100 billion yuan. At present, there has not been a typical leading enterprise in the logistics robot market. In the future, the survival of the fittest in the operation and application markets in the six major fields of magnetic materials, high-performance metal materials, new chemical materials, electronic information materials, new energy and environmental protection materials, and new textile materials may help the birth of industry leading enterprises

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