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March 25 China Plastics information PVC market brief

as of 10 a.m. on March 25, China's plastic price index fell 0.96 points to 1034 The two real forces of the valve core lost balance, and the valve core moved to the left by 10 points, and the China Plastics spot index fell 0.15 points to 1131.12 points

I. upstream express:

on Wednesday (March 24), the settlement price of West Texas light oil futures in May on the New York Mercantile Exchange was $80.61 a barrel, down $1.30 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 79 $64; The settlement price of Brent crude oil in May on the London Intercontinental Exchange was $79.62 a barrel, down $1.08 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 78 37 dollars

Yazhou ethylene closed at 1144 on Wednesday US $5/ton CFR Northeast Asia (down US $5) and 1133 US $5/ton CFR Southeast Asia (down US $5). European ethylene closed at euro/ton FD northwest Europe and USD/ton CIF northwest Europe. Us ethylene closed at 62 45 cents/pound, down 0.25 cents

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

the PVC plant in Xinxiang, Henan Province is under full load, and the ex factory quotation is stable today. The ex factory quotation of type 5 calcium carbide in the province is 7300 yuan/ton, and the ex warehouse price of type 3 is 7400 yuan/ton. The inventory pressure of the enterprise is not high, and the sales are average

the relocation of Hangzhou electrochemical PVC plant is planned to be completed by the end of April. Today, the quotation of type 3 material is stable at about yuan/ton, and the quotation of special resin is about 2500 yuan/ton. At present, the sales are average and the inventory is normal

according to the different load measurement methods, the factory quotation of Nanning Chemical PVC plant increased by 100 yuan/ton today, the factory quotation of type 5 material in the province was about 7400 yuan/ton, and the factory quotation of type 3 material was 7600 yuan/ton. The enterprise mainly pays back the early orders, with small inventory and normal sales

about 70% of Shanxi Yangmei PVC plant was started, and the ex factory quotation of type 5 materials in the province was stable at 7100 yuan/ton in spot exchange, with slightly higher acceptance. The inventory of the enterprise is normal, and the sales are OK

70% of the PVC plant in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia has been started. The ex factory price of type 5 material is 6950 yuan/ton, and the delivery price in South China is yuan/ton. The actual transaction depends on the market

III. local market conditions:

the listing of China Plastics spot mall this morning, the quotation of major brands of PVC categories is stable, the majority of manufacturers are above chlorine Shanghai peak, the trading varieties are mainly S-02 and s-101, and the delivery warehouse is mostly in Yuyao. Shanglu Hufeng reported 11700 yuan/ton for eb101, 12800 yuan/ton for eb104, 12800 yuan/ton for Shanghai Losheng EB, 11600 yuan/ton for eb109, 12000 yuan/ton for Shanghai Zhongyuan rb-05c, and 13200 yuan/ton for rb101

the PVC market price in Qilu Chemical City is basically stable. The mainstream quotation of s700 is about yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of S1000 is about yuan/ton, and qs1050p accounts for 25.6% of the total price of 7350 yuan/ton, both of which are tax inclusive. At present, the high transaction is blocked, and the merchants sell more goods at a profit

the PVC market in Linyi is stable with little price fluctuation. The mainstream of Pu a tong 5 electric stone does not include the tax declaration of yuan/ton, and some Hengtong materials are slightly higher. The market transaction is general, and some businesses still hold a wait-and-see attitude

the PVC market quotation in Shanghai is stable and small. The mainstream quotation of ordinary type 5 electric stone is RMB/ton self lifting, Xinjiang Tianye type 5 material is 7300 yuan/ton self lifting, type 3 material is 7500 yuan/ton, type 8 material is 7400 yuan/ton self lifting, and Dagu type 1000 is about RMB/ton. Merchants have difficulties in shipping, and there are not many downstream purchases, so they still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards high-level supply

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