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Packaging design under ecological protection the concept of green design began in the mid-1970s. With the enhancement of the whole society's awareness of environmental and ecological protection, design institutions have introduced ecological protection into a new round of design thinking process from the consideration of human vital interests and sustainable development. The earliest green design was developed by a British company producing household washing products. In the product design, environmental protection concepts such as "natural recyclable raw materials and rechargeable packaging" were adopted: the packaging design that is easy to clean, durable and refillable effectively solves the malicious consumption of packaging resources by primary products, thus reducing the pollution to the environment to a certain extent. Once the product was launched, it immediately attracted the attention of consumers in the market, and they enthusiastically accepted the new concept of environmental protection consumption

while the majority of consumers actively welcome environmentally friendly products with simple but 10% stable and solid ingredients, the sense of social PLGA of packaging designers with the function of promoting cell adsorption and proliferation is also stimulated. Designers play the role of coordination and cooperation between consumers and manufacturers. They advocated "green consumption guidelines" to make all sectors of society understand and support green design; Guide "green capitalists" how to make profits while protecting the environment. By the 1990s, enterprises in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark had invested more money in green design. The voice of "re use re fill" has gradually been echoed all over the world. Many large enterprises have updated their production methods with the development of the times, raising the awareness of environmental protection in product design to a strategic position. For example, Philps and IBM established green design operation measures in the company's management system and implemented them in practice. The symbol "German blue angel" has been implemented since 1978, which symbolizes the environmental protection standard of green design; Under the influence of production, market and public opinion, thousands of designs have obtained this qualification

in order to ensure that nature maintains its normal operation from human destruction, in addition to using reusable packaging, packaging designers began to conceive the revolutionary improvement of packaging design with pure natural materials, so that it can be integrated into the big cycle of ecosystem. Similar to the metabolism of the life system, the ecosystem of nature is also constantly recycling material and energy; Once this cycle is out of balance or even destroyed, the ecosystem itself, which provides the material basis for our life, will also be out of balance or even collapse. At that time, life on earth will not be far away from smoke and ashes. Therefore, this is not just an aesthetic problem, but a fundamental issue of survival. So designers imagine that if we can integrate man-made packaging into the circulation process of the large ecosystem, so that its materials can be taken from nature in a systematic way and return to nature, we can get opportunities for reuse or regeneration; Instead of being forced by nature, it is thrown back to nature in the form of garbage, and finally ends in a tragedy that destroys our quality of life - if packaging can truly beautify our life and grow with the development of life in this way, it is not only a blessing for the design industry, but also a blessing for mankind. So in terms of packaging, the concept of growth and the concept of affinity with the environment have become the conscious mission of designers and the focus of their packaging design

based on this assumption, using natural materials that are easy to dissolve is the initial choice of designers. Crude fiber plants can become convenient packaging immediately after processing. These naturally available materials are rich in reserves and have strong regeneration ability. Sometimes, they themselves are the best packaging. For example, eggshell has the best load-bearing capacity in shape, which has inspired designers. In developing countries, bowl shaped containers designed with coconut shells can be cleverly designed to become excellent packaging for food; Moreover, the relative stability of these materials, including modified plastics, modified engineering plastics and aramid, ensures the safety of storage and transportation. This homely design also brings romantic feelings to tanghuyu (technician), who lives in the E-era city

Although the concept of ecological protection has been vigorously promoted and widely known, the implementation of environmental protection awareness in packaging design always depends on the continuous joint efforts of designers, manufacturers and the whole society. Green packaging design is different from the existing channels and production procedures from material acquisition to processing. There is no doubt that in the initial stage, it will occupy more funds, increase the cost of products, and make enterprises face certain risks. However, from a long-term perspective, with the improvement of environmental protection awareness in the whole society and gradually becoming a part of public daily life and consumption behavior, green goods and their packaging will undoubtedly play a positive role in promoting the development of enterprises

source: China Packaging Industry

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