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Packaging design of fireworks products

I: Prospect

fireworks and firecrackers are an art and a traditional culture in China. In terms of packaging, they are relatively backward packaging methods, but the biggest feature is low cost. However, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's aesthetics and taste have been greatly improved. In the recent year, fireworks and firecrackers have been changed from "Prohibition" to "limitation", This all implies that the fireworks industry in Liuyang will set off a frenzy of reform. Only in this way can we constantly meet people's growing spiritual and cultural needs. In addition to the following adverse consequences, it may lead to the development of more new products. Secondly, it is to make an article on the packaging of fireworks. According to the survey, there are huge business opportunities in the packaging design of fireworks, Waiting to be developed.

II: characteristics of fireworks and firecracker products

medical surgical tubes have specific requirements for the packaging of any commodity, and fireworks and firecracker products are no exception. In addition to the characteristics of ordinary commodity packaging, fireworks and firecracker products also have their specific commercial properties. They are gunpowder products and need explosion-proof; It is a flammable product and needs fire prevention; It is a moisture-proof product, which needs moisture-proof, etc. Therefore, it is of great significance to fully understand the characteristics of fireworks and firecrackers for product packaging design.

Three: factors that should be considered in packaging design.

first, it is the basic elements of science and technology. The packaging design of fireworks and firecrackers, first of all, it is necessary to clarify its functions and the functions of the packaged items.

Second: basic elements of culture and art, through shape matching (graphics, trademarks, words); Color; Texture and other effects are designed to arouse consumers' aesthetic feelings and meet people's aesthetic needs.

Third: it is the basic element of market economy, and the packaging of goods is a "silent salesman", which can attract consumers' attention and generate purchase desire, But first of all, we need to conduct market research (the content includes consumption level and consumption level).

IV: the classification and function of fireworks and firecracker packaging.

the classification of fireworks and firecracker products can be divided in the following ways. 1: from the nature of packaging, it can be divided into hard packaging and semi hard packaging, Flexible packaging. 2 from the perspective of packaging structure, it can be divided into inner packaging (referring to the container of fireworks products, which we used to call "package") and outer packaging (decorative, which we used to call "poster paper"). 3 from the perspective of product style, it can be divided into firecracker product packaging and fireworks product packaging. Among them, firecracker product packaging includes strip packaging, plate packaging and toy packaging, Etc. fireworks products have two kinds of large fireworks and small and medium fireworks.

fireworks and firecrackers packaging function. Its function has protection function; Communication function; Accommodation function; Extra value function; Aesthetic function; Environmental protection function.

V: innovative positioning of packaging

1 domestic products.

China has a long history of traditional culture, which also leaves the brand of national and folk culture on the packaging of fireworks and firecracker products. It takes modern product consumption, marketing competition and cultural image as the background of the times, which makes people resonate emotionally, So as to further meet the psychological and aesthetic needs of contemporary people. In recent years, the consumption of modified plastics in cars has increased rapidly.

when we see pines and cypresses, cranes, we think of happiness and longevity. When we see fish, we think of surplus every year, and so on. We use these traditional and popular national images on the packaging, so as to make it break away from the original superstition and expand its beautiful and peaceful ideological connotation, It can better communicate with contemporary Chinese consumers.

from the perspective of means, paper cutting, wood carving, batik and other methods are used.

from the perspective of graphics, auspicious patterns with national cultural characteristics and local characteristics are selected.

from the perspective of materials, bamboo, wood, earth cloth and summer cloth with local characteristics are applied according to local conditions, Comprehensive application of straw and other modern materials.

2: export products

one: multi-functional commodity packaging and disposable commodity packaging sell well at the same time. In addition to packaging commodities, multi-functional commodity packaging can also be used for other purposes, which improves the utilization value of packaging, saves resources and reduces environmental pollution. This should be enlightening for the thinking of the outer packaging design of fireworks and firecracker products. At the same time, Disposable commodity packaging also has a large market. Disposable packaging has simple functions and low prices, which are popular with some consumers.

Second: special packaging is favored, first, small and exquisite commodity packaging. Second, fragrant commodity packaging. Third, vintage commodity packaging (recommended; you can visit baxianqiao fireworks factory, and their packaging has the above two points)

Third: green packaging materials are valued, In recent years, environmental protection issues in many countries have attracted much attention, and countries have formulated packaging waste regulations. So in recent years, paper packaging has been popular.

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